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007 James Bond - The Stealth Affair Interplay, Delphine 1990
5 in 1 Funpak Beam Software, Interplay 1994
Alone In The Dark 2 Interplay, Infogrames 1994
Alone In The Dark 2 CD Interplay, Infogrames 1994
Another World (snes)

alt: Out of This World, Outer World

Interplay, Victor Musical Industries 1992
Baldur's Gate Interplay, Bioware, Black Isle Studios 1998
Bard's Tale - Tales of The Unknown

alt: Bard's Tale - Tales of The Unknown (japan)

Electronic Arts, Interplay, FCI, Pony Canyon 1985
Bard's Tale 2 - The Destiny Knight (japan) Electronic Arts, Interplay, Pony Canyon 1992
Battle Chess Interplay 1988
Battle Chess (3DO) [WO 57350-3P] Interplay 1993
Battle Chess (windows) Interplay 1989
Battle Chess (X68000) Interplay, Pack-in-video 1989
Blackthorne (32X)

a.k.a. Black Hawk

Interplay 1994
Blackthorne (snes) [SNS-6Z-USA]

alt: Blackhawk, Blackthorne (snes japan)

Interplay, Kemco, Blizzard 1994
Blood and Magic Interplay, Tachyon Studios 1996
Boogerman Interplay 1994
Boogerman (snes)

a.k.a. Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure

Interplay 1995
Casino Funpak Beam Software, Interplay 1994
Casper [T-12512H] Interplay, Funcom 1996
Castles Interplay, Quicksilver 1991
Clay Fighter Interplay, Visual Concepts 1994
Dragon Wars Interplay, Kemco 1991
Heart of the Alien - Out of this World part II Interplay, Virgin Games, Delphine 1994
Loaded [T-12519H]

alt: Blood Factory

Interplay, Gremlin Graphics 1996
Mindshadow (pc) Activision, Interplay  
Omar Sharif on Bridge

a.k.a. Omar Sharif's Bridge

Interplay, Oxford Softworks 1991
Out Of This World (3DO) Interplay, Delphine 1994
Robocop versus The Terminator Interplay, Virgin Games, Bethesda Softworks 1993
Rock n' Roll Racing (mega drive) Interplay, Blizzard 1994
Russian 6 Pak Interplay, MIR-Dialogue 1993
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