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Nome Categorias Fabricantes Ano Sistema
1942: The Pacific Air War Microprose 1994 PC DOS
Acrojet Microprose, System soft 1985 MSX 2
Acrojet - The Advanced Flight Simulator Microprose 1985 ZX Spectrum
Action Fighter (speccy) Firebird, Microprose 1989 ZX Spectrum
Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfighting Microprose 1993 PC DOS
Airborne Ranger (speecy) Simulation Software, Microprose 1988 ZX Spectrum
Battle of the Solar System

a.k.a. B.O.T.S.S.

Microprose 1991 Arcade
Bloodnet Microprose 1993 PC DOS
Bloodnet (CD)

a.k.a. Bloodnet - A Cyberpunk Gothic

Microprose 1993 PC DOS
Crusade in Europe (PC) Microprose 1986 PC DOS
Decision in the Desert (PC) Microprose 1985 PC DOS
F-117A Stealth Fighter Microprose 1992 Nintendo - NES
F-15 Strike Eagle Microprose 1990 Arcade
F-15 Strike Eagle (game gear) NMS Software, Microprose 1993 Game Gear
F-15 Strike Eagle (MSX) System soft, Microprose 1987 MSX
F-15 Strike Eagle II (genesis) Microprose 1993 Mega Drive
F15 Strike Eagle (NES) Microprose 1991 Nintendo - NES
Gunship (genesis) US Gold, Microprose 1993 Mega Drive
Gunship (msx)

a.k.a. Gunship - The Helicopter Simulation

Microprose 1989 MSX 2
Magic: The Gathering Microprose 1997 Windows
Pirates! Gold (mega drive) Microprose 1993 Mega Drive
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender-Bender Microprose 1992 PC DOS
Star Trek The Next Generation (mega drive)

a.k.a. Star Trek The Next Generation - Echos from the Past

SEGA - SErvice GAmes, Microprose 1994 Mega Drive
Super Tank Attack (prototype?) Microprose   Arcade
The Chaos Engine (genesis)

a.k.a. Soldiers of Fortune (genesis)

Bitmap Brothers, Microprose 1993 Mega Drive
Tinhead Microprose, Ballistic, Spectrum Holobyte 1993 Mega Drive