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  • até parece uma conversão razoável

  • bem, mas não é

  • transformaram um inimigo intermediário no mestre da fase 1 :-(

  • fase 2. colocaram os tênis, mas pra quê?

Poô! Não é todos os dias que vejo o Nintendinho superar o mega drive numa conversão de joguinho de fliperama, mas nesse aqui a Sega cagou no pastel (antes de fechar para assar). [*]

Retardearam e cortaram um monte de coisas do jogo. Parece que fizeram isso só para constar. Três polegares para baixo :-(

[*] era pastel de forno

Bah, Juju tinha tudo pra ficar bom no mega drive, mas fuderam as cartas mais do que o Dr. Janjão no truco. Até a versão de Amiga é um milhão de vezes superior, pra tu ter uma idéia. Tiraram o mapinha, encurtaram as fases, tiraram os mestres e botaram inimigos toscos no lugar deles, nulificaram a dificuldade com o nulificador total do Galactus hackeado pelo Reed Richards e ainda por cima, como se não bastasse, tem só meia dúzia de cores, fodanchando completamente o visual num nível nunca antes visto. Versão deplorável.

Pra comemorar vou colar aqui o resumo do livro It da wikipedia. Tem jeito de ser pior que o filme, que já é uma bomba:


In October of 1957, a six year old boy named George Denbrough chases his paper boat into a storm drain. To his surprise, the boat is caught in the sewer by Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The clown offers him the boat and a bunch of balloons, then kills George by ripping his arm out of the socket when he reaches into the drain to retrieve his boat from Pennywise's hand.

Eight months later, during the summer of 1958, seven children are drawn together as a group through a multitude of events. Ben Hanscom, an overweight boy who has no friends, flees from Henry Bowers, Belch Huggins, and Victor Criss, three local bullies who attempt to carve Henry’s name into his belly. While running, he comes across Bill Denbrough, George's older brother, who has a stutter, and Eddie Kaspbrak, an asthmatic boy, who are making a dam in an undeveloped, jungle-like part of Derry called the Barrens. Ben, with an inclination toward architecture, helps the two improve the dam and soon is working with Bill and Eddie along with Richie Tozier, a loud-mouthed boy with thick glasses, and Stan Uris, a boy whose Jewish ancestry makes him a frequent target of hazing. All five of the boys have been plagued by Henry Bowers in the past.

Later on, at his home, Bill looks at a picture of George that turns and winks at him. When he recounts his story to his friends, Ben admits to having seen (and been nearly seized by) a mummy the previous January, and Eddie recounts being attacked by a leper at an abandoned house. Richie scoffs at the stories, but he and Bill see a picture of Pennywise in George's yearbook that comes to life as Georgie’s had. Bill takes his father's pistol and goes with Richie to the abandoned house, thinking that the person behind the supernatural events and the recent string of killings may be there. At the house the two boys are attacked by the entity, with Bill perceiving it as the clown and Richie as a werewolf, and both barely escape with their lives on Bill’s bicycle (“Silver”).

Meanwhile, Beverly Marsh, a girl from the poor side of town with an abusive father, hears voices of dead children in the drain and witnesses a gout of blood spurt from the sink. Her father and mother do not see anything. When she becomes friends with and tells Ben, Eddie, and Stan, they help Beverly clean up the blood. Stan later admits that earlier that spring he witnessed a waterlogged corpse in the town’s standpipe.

As the summer goes on, the six kids realize that the entity they’re up against is extremely powerful. Through research, Bill discovers an ancient ritual known as the Ritual of Chüd, in which a monster and mortal lock tongues and attempt to make the other laugh. Bill believes this ritual will allow them to defeat and kill It. As they are discussing this, a black boy named Michael Hanlon is being chased by Henry and his gang. Henry chases Mike right to where the now-self-proclaimed Losers’ Club resides, and a rock fight ensues between the two gangs with the Losers’ Club ending up the winner. Mike is inducted into the club. They tell Mike about It, and he recounts a story of being chased by an enormous, trailer-sized bird in a field. He brings the Losers an album of his father's old pictures of Derry. In one of them, Pennywise appears and threatens to kill all of the Losers. With the group at a loss for what to do, Ben comes up with the idea of an old Indian "smoke-hole" ritual to induce visions and give guidance. When the idea is put into practice, Richie and Mike hallucinate (although the event is implied to be akin to time travel), see It arrive on Earth in prehistoric times and realize It has been here for millions of years. They express doubt over their ability to battle the monster.

Later, while Eddie is walking home from the pharmacy, Henry, Victor, Belch, and Patrick Hockstetter (a sometimes-member of Henry’s gang, who in a backstory is revealed to have murdered his baby brother and scores of animals around town) attack him. Henry breaks Eddie's arm in retaliation for the rock fight. Shortly after this, Beverly, hiding behind a junked car in the town dump, witnesses Patrick get assaulted by Henry after he masturbated him and was bold enough to offer him oral sex, and threatens to tell of Patrick's favorite place to store the bodies of the animals he has killed if he tells anyone of what happened between them. Patrick decides to dispose of the animals bodies, but when he opens the refrigerator, It, in the form of several winged leeches, attacks and incapitates Patrick by removing half the blood from his body. Then, It assumes the form of Pennywise and drags Patrick into It's lair which Beverly partially sees. At first believing that it is all fake, Beverly soon learns otherwise when It's leech form attacks her, one biting her, though she manages to escape.

After buying a first-aid kit and treating Beverly's wound, the Losers return to the refrigerator and discover a message from It written in Patrick's blood, warning them to stop before It kills them. Enraged, Bill vows to kill It at any cost.

After Eddie is released from the hospital, the Losers get together and Ben makes two slugs out of silver, believing the cinematic convention that silver will kill monsters. They go back to the abandoned house, where It attacks them in werewolf form, primarily focusing its efforts on Bill, their leader. After savagely slashing Ben across the abdomen, It is driven away after being injured by the silver slugs, but not before vowing to kill them all.

Later, in August, Henry, whose sanity had been steadily eroding the entire summer, is given a switchblade knife by It. After murdering his father, Henry, seeming to be both in a trance and in a wildly lunatic state, takes the unsuspecting Victor and Belch to the Barrens and attacks the Losers, driving them into the sewers. The three bullies follow. Under Derry, It attacks in the form of Frankenstein's monster, decapitating Victor. Belch puts up a fight, but his face is quickly torn off, and Henry manages to escape. The Losers press on and confront It in the form of a giant eye, which they successfully repel. They finally come upon It's lair, where it resides in the form of a giant spider, and, in what appears to be the Ritual of Chüd, Bill injures It and It flees. The Losers then gradually realize that they are lost in the sewers, and that with their common enemy having fled they have lost their purpose as a group, and begin to succumb to panic. Using the only way available to her to calm them all down sufficiently to bring them together again so they can find their way back to the surface, Beverly has sexual intercourse with each of the boys in turn, starting with Eddie and ending with Bill.

The gang finally escapes from the sewers, emerging at sunset. Stan cuts their palms with a shard of a Coke bottle and the seven make a blood oath to return to Derry if It should ever return.

[edit] 1984–85

In 1984, a homosexual youth named Adrian Mellon is thrown off a bridge by a group of youths. They are arrested for murder when Adrian's mutilated corpse is found, though one of the murderers (as well as Mellon’s own boyfriend) claims that he saw a clown kill Adrian underneath the bridge. When a string of violent child-killings hits Derry following Adrian's death, Mike, now the town’s librarian and the only one of the Losers’ Club to remain in Derry, calls up his six friends and reminds them of their childhood promise to return. Bill is now a well-known writer of horror novels, living in England and married to an actress called Audra; Beverly is in the fashion industry and very successful but married to an abusive man called Tom Rogan; Eddie runs a limousine rental company and is married to a woman exactly like his mother; Richie is a professional comedian with a radio show and talk show; Ben is now thin and a successful architect; and Stan is an accountant married to a woman called Patty. Five of them return to Derry with only the dimmest awareness of why they are doing so, having almost completely forgotten virtually every aspect of their childhood (most notably their encounter with It). Stan, who it is implied still remembers the entire thing (or at least does when Mike contacts him) slits his wrists while taking a bath, writing the word IT in blood on the shower wall with his dying strength.

The remaining Losers’ Club meets at a Chinese restaurant for dinner, where, after a long meal and stories from the intervening years, Mike enlightens them to the apparent nature of It, gleaned from a large amount of research he has done himself: It awakens once roughly every twenty-seven years for twelve to sixteen months at a time to feed on children before going into slumber again. He suggests that, due directly to their intervention in the summer of 1958, they injured It so badly that the cycle, which usually came to an end in the winter months of the year, stopped abruptly and prematurely in August. The group holds a vote in which they decided to attempt to kill It once and for all. Mike suggests that before deciding what exactly to do, each Loser takes a walk around Derry to become re-acquainted with their childhood home, and also decides not to tell them anymore and allow them to remember what occurred on their own, fearing that they may commit suicide as Stan had done if they discover what happened before they are ready to remember it all. As they finish the meal, their fortune cookies are revealed to have a multitude of disgusting things inside of them, such as a huge cricket and a human eye, courtesy of It.

While walking around Derry, many of the Losers witness manifestations of It. Ben goes to the library, his favorite place in Derry as a child, and sees It, first as Pennywise and then as a vampire. Eddie goes to an old baseball field and is attacked by It in the form of the leper that pursued him in his youth. Beverly goes back to her father's house and is greeted warmly by a kindly old woman who turns out to be It. Richie goes to a statue of Paul Bunyan and It appears to him there after Richie recalls that It tried to kill him in the form of the statue. The four all escape danger. Bill, while not seeing It, does find his old childhood bike in a junk shop, remembering how it saved his and Richie’s lives. He purchases it and takes it to Mike’s home to fix it up.

Unknown to the Losers, three other people are also converging on Derry: Bill's worried wife, Audra Phillips; Beverly's abusive husband, Tom Rogan; and Henry Bowers, who is driven by It to escape the mental institution where he resides, having been convicted for the murder of his father and the children killed by It (including Belch, Victor, and Patrick) back in 1958.

The Losers meet at Mike’s library after closing time and reminisce about the summer of 1958. Afterwards, the Losers leave for their hotel rooms. Mike stays at the Library a little longer and is confronted by Henry. After Mike briefly taunts Henry, stating that It will most likely kill him after he kills the Losers, they fight and Henry stabs him in the leg, hitting his femoral artery. Mike badly injures Henry with a letter opener but Henry is able to escape, and Mike, using his belt as a tourniquet, calls the hospital and successfully gets help despite Pennywise's attempts to block him. Henry, with the guidance of It (in the form of Belch’s reanimated corpse), and transported by the cursed car Christine, goes to the hotel and attacks Eddie. Henry successfully breaks in to Eddie’s room, but Eddie manages to disarm Henry, gouge out his right eye with a broken bottle, then stab him in the hand. Henry knocks Eddie back and Eddie breaks his arm in the same place that Henry had broken it before. Henry then falls on him and is impaled on the bottle, finally dying.

Meanwhile, It gets Tom Rogan to kidnap Audra. Tom brings Audra to It’s lair under the city. Upon perceiving It in true form (“the deadlights”), Audra becomes catatonic and Tom drops dead in shock. Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, and Eddie, after calling the library and finding out that Mike may be near death and understanding that the town, which is essentially under the control of It, will not help them, realize that they are being forced into another confrontation with It. They descend into the sewers.

While in the sewers, the remaining Losers use their strength as a group to send energy to a hospitalized Mike, who fights off a nurse that is under the control of It. Later, deep within the sewers, It appears as George but Bill overcomes the illusion. They reach It’s lair again. Bill and Richie engage It in the Ritual of Chüd again and manage to severely injure It. Eddie helps them and saves their lives, but he is killed in the process. Beverly stays with Eddie and the traumatized Audra, who has been woven into a giant spider web by It’s spider form. Ben starts destroying the eggs that It had lain. Bill and Richie follow it deeper into the cavern and attack it. Bill crushes It's heart between his hands, finally killing it. At the same time a storm sweeps through Derry and the downtown area collapses. Later, Michael, writing in a journal, concludes that Derry is finally dying.

The novel ends with the various Losers returning home and forgetting about It, Derry and each other all over again. As a sign that It really is dead and a watchman is no longer needed, Mike’s memory of the events of the book also begin to fade, much to his relief. Bill is the last to leave Derry. Before he goes, he takes Audra, who is still catatonic, for a ride on Silver, hoping that they can beat her catatonia the same way he and Richie beat It in 1958. They succeed, and the story concludes with Bill musing over his forgotten childhood.