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MSX sprites protagonistas Cine Trash

A Nightmare on Elm Street (PC)

* Quem adaptou o jogo para PC foi a obscura Monarch Software.

Game Controls (all versions)

A Changes the selected item to next item up.

Z Changes the selected item to next item down.

1-7 Numbers 1 through 7. Selects the item in the numeric position
you indicated.

ESC or ? Freezes the game and brings up the save and load game menu.

D or Q Drops selected item if there is room on the floor.

Shift 2-7 Hold the shift key down and then select a number.
Drops the item in the position you selected.

Spacebar or Return
Uses selected item.

Control S Hold the control key down and then press the S key.
Toggles sound and music on and off.


Level 10

The hint to complete this level is supposed to show when you hit the lever at the top however version 1 doesn't display it but version 2 will. The hint tells you: You have little time left. You must rid yourself of the three items before Freddy appears at midnight! Take the claw to the east, the hat to the south and the crucifix to the west! Once you have completed these tasks return here and free me from my tomb!