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The Berlin Wall (set 2)

Three Sisters' Story

Characters (In order of appereance)

    Yuki Okamaru
    Yuki is the oldest of the Three Sisters. After her father left she has become
    the head of the house. She's like the big sister you never had. Yuki is always
    calm and reserved.

    Emi Okamaru
    Emi is your girlfriend and the second oldest daughter of Okamaru. She is short
    tempered and can be violent at times. This is all an act she puts on though.
    Emi hardly acknowledges you as her boyfriend but it's pretty obvious.

    Risa Okamaru
    The youngest Okamaru. She is always happy. Her actions make her look like she's
    12 years old but she will be 18 soon. Risa trys to cheer up Emi a lot during the

    Chie Makino
    Chie of class 1-D is an introvert. So much so that she doesn't talk to anyone. There
    is a reason for this though. Her father did some pretty nasty things to her when she
    was younger. She now hates all men and pretty much everyone else as well.

    Your Sensei. Keiko is at time very cold but she is warmer than most of the teachers
    in your school. Keiko is a member of a very rich family. She can be really naive at
    times but she knows how to give homework.

    The school Nurse. Junko is not your typical school nurse. She sleeps almost all day
    and cures illnesses in the most peculiar way. Well that's if you are a guy at least.

    Yuko Uchimaru
    Yuko is a @%#$*&#^@%!. She has little to no consideration for anyone. There must be
    something you can do to set her straight. Yuko could really use something.

    Kumi Akimoto
    The most shy person you will encounter in this game. Yumi is so shy that when guys
    watch her practice R.Gymnastics she chokes everytime. Yumi needs to get used to guys.

    Your big brother. Eiichi vowed to be rich again when your father died. He now owns
    a company and gets you everything you could want. Eiichi seems diffrent these days.
    Could he really mean harm to the Three Sisters?

    Mana is a office worker by day stripper by night. She helps you out a few times during
    the game if you do something for her. A lot like Hiromi from Runaway City.

    Aki works at a love hotel downtown. She is also involved with your brother. She gathers
    information on big businesses and sells the information to the highest bidder. She
    knows quite a few things about Eiichi's Company.

    Chisato Fujimura
    Was an excellent student until her parents began having marital problems. Now Chisato
    is in trouble for stealing money from a man she met through a telephone club.
    Going to the Telephone club is the best place to start looking.