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Armored Encounter! & Sub Chase!


Used digitized faces of the band members, photographed with a camera designed by Ralph Baer, father of the home video game console. The machine contained a tape loop of the song Separate Ways (World's Apart) in the concert scene at the end of each level. Rushed through the 1982 Christmas holidays by the Marvin Glass team because Bally/Midway wanted the game to coincide with the release of the band's Frontiers album. They took all the images of the band backstage at a Salt Lake City concert. There was talk of using the game as part of the road show, but that fell through.


*Secret screen*
On Journey's attract screen (the one with the face), press all the buttons (Blast, 1P Start, 2P Start) and the joystick to the Left and you'll get a screen with the programmer's names and tiny digitized pictures.