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~Astal's Tale~

My story begins on a world that's different from your Earth. This is the legend of the beginning of the world of Quartalia.

Quartalia was created by our goddess, Antowas. Out of precious gems she made the land and sea, the mountains and the trees. And finally, from her last two jewels she created us. From a green jewel, Antowas created Leda, who has the power to make things live on Quartalia. From a red jewel, she created me, and made me really strong and powerful so I could keep Leda safe. Leda and I are as different as night and day. Leda is gentle and sweet and could never hurt anybody. I have a short temper, and sometimes I overdo things. That's what happened this time.

Unknown to us, the demon Jerado had been watching Antowas work. He wanted to rule a world all his own, but his powers weren't as strong as Antowas', and he didn't have the strength to make his own world. Instead he plotted to take over Quartalia, and change it the way he liked.

Exhausted from her work, Antowas fell asleep. That's when Jerado made his move. The first part of his plan was to get rid of Leda and me, and he created a powerful warrior named Geist to do the dirty work. One day, while I was taking a nap, Geist stole Leda away. I searched and searched, and I tore Quartalia apart looking for her. I finally found her, trapped in a crystal on the bottom of the sea.

Once I rescued Leda, I thought things could get back to normal, but the ruckus I caused woke Antowas up. When she saw the mess I'd made, boy, was she angry! When Leda found out about my punishment, she was heartbroken, and gave her green jewel to me to keep. Then Antowas sent me to Quartalia's moon, where I would stay out of trouble. Finally, Antowas used up the rest of her power to deal with Jerado, then fell into another deep sleep....

Now Jerado was out of the action, but Geist was still free. One day, from my prison on the moon, I saw him capture Leda again! This was too much! I destroyed my prison, broke my chains and headed back to Quartalia.

Nothing in the world means more to me than Leda—nothing! I will find her. I will find the one who took her, and I will deal with him! It's only a matter of time.

Quartalia has changed. The demon Jerado has transformed it somehow, and none of the creatures who now live here are friendly. Except for this bird I rescued, who for some reason, just won't leave me alone....