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Designed by Toru Iwantani
Programmed by Hideyuki
Mokajima and crew

Pacman was conceived at lunchtime...literally. The designer was very hungry, and ordered a whole pizza for himself. He took one slice, and Pacman was born. The game took 1 1/2 years to complete, and had five people on its team.
The game was called Puckman in Japan, but due to American's predilection with changing words to vulgarities by scratching part of the word off (Puck to...well, you know), it was changed to Pacman. The name Pacman is derived from the Japanese slang word paku-paku, which means to eat.
Pacman is the greatest selling arcade game of all time, and is arguably the most well-known video character. It had its own cartoon, lunch box, board game, and hundreds of other products. Pacman was also the first game to have a character, and changed the face of video games forever. Pacman was the first video game to be as equally popular to women as it was with men. Pacman's cult status in the early 80s was so great, it even inspired a catchy hit song by Buckner and Garcia called Pac-Man Fever.

After the 255th level, Pac-Man locks up. This lockup does not occur if, at the end of level 254, the number 255 appears at any point within your score.

The alien spaceship Galaxian makes an appearance as a bonus item in the later levels.

Useless trivia: there are 240 dots per board.

A Pac-Man unit appears in the 87 min movie Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again released in 1982. In the 90 min movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High released in 1982. In the 114 min movie WarGames released in 1983. In the 88 min movie Joysticks released in 1983. In the 87 min movie Koyaanisqatsi - Life out of Balance released in 1983. In the 90 min movie The Heavenly Kid released in 1985. In the 108 min movie Back to the Future Part II released in 1989.

Bootleg version on Galaxian hardware has different colors as is the screen proportions, Credit, Level & Lives remaining are incoporated in the Maze section (look at the middle exits). The sound is also quite a bit different.

To give the game some tension, some clever AI was programmed into the game. The ghosts would group up, attack the player, then disperse. Each ghost had its own AI. Blinky chases Pacman, Pinky is positioned a few dots in front of Pacman's mouth. The others move randomly.

Tips and Tricks: Check out the world's best Pac-Man patterns: available at:
(original pattern pages contributed by yours truly-Brian)

Idle trick: Need a breather?
Just park yourself in the spot immediately and to the right of where you start, and make sure that no monsters are "looking" at you when you do it. The monsters will run all over the maze, but they'll never find you. Go to the bathroom in peace.

This game is a hack of Pacman that was released in the arcades as a conversion kit.

* Intermissions from the original Pac-Man between each maze
* A slot machine every 3 mazes which determines which type of maze (invisible/visible) will come up next.
* The dots are worth 20 points, energizers 80.
* The bonus fruit start at 1000 points for the cherry and work their way up to 5000 from there.
* The monsters are worth 200, 400, 800 and 8000 points when eaten in succession.
* There are two maze variants: The first is a visible blue maze with five exits on each side and a modified maze layout from the original Pac-Man. The second maze is invisible except for the borders and the dots, but has a slightly different layout than the visible maze, and has only three exits on each side.
* When an energizer is eaten, the ghosts turn into different looking monsters.
* Instead of GAME OVER, it says MADE BY KAMIYA.

This game is a dual bootleg of Pac-Man and Galaxian. You can change the game in the Dip Switch menu.

In this bootleg, the colors, sounds and names of the ghosts have been changed. The Galaxian bootleg is also sped up significantly.