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Artillery Duel


Game Instructions

You are in charge of an artillery gun emplacement set in a rugged
mountain terrain.  Your enemy's gun emplacement is set across the hills
in another strategic location, and it is your task to knock out the enemy
before his is able to destroy you.  You must take into account distance,
gun placement relative to terrain, wind direction, and wind speed as you
mount your assault.  You can control the amount of powder and barrel
angle for each shot fired as you zero in on your opponent.  Before you
can fire again, your enemy will get off a round, so make each shot count!


Get Ready to Play ARTILLERY DUEL

1.  Hook up your video game system.  Follow the manufacturer's directions.

2.  With power "OFF," plug in the game cartridge.  The XONOX Double-Ender
    with ARTILLERY DUEL and CHUCK NORRIS SUPERKICKS gives you twice the
    fun with two totally separate games, one on either end of the
    cartridge.  To play ARTILLERY DUEL, insert the end of the cartridge
    labeled "Artillery Duel" into your video game system.

3.  Now turn the power "ON."  If no picture appears, check the connection
    of your game console to TV, then repeat steps 1, 2, and 3.

4.  ARTILLERY DUEL is a two player game, so player #1 use the left
    joystick, and player #2 use the right.

5.  Console game difficulty switches allow for two skill levels
    independent of each other, so one player can be a Captain (B) and the
    other a General (A).  Game reset draws another terrain and starts the

NOTE: Always turn the console power switch "OFF" when inserting or
      removing a XONOX cartridge.  This will protect the electronic
      components and help prolong the life of your XONOX games.  
      You may need to adjust the Vertical Hold on your T.V.


(opening screen shot)

Video Game

As the officer in charge of an artillery gun emplacement, you must square
off for an exciting duel of skill and action as you plan and coordinate
the destruction of your opponent.  Check the wind, make critical
adjustments of barrel and powder charge, and fire!  Random terrains and
gun placement ensure that every battle is different.  Start off as a
Captain and as your skill in measuring the effects of wind and shot
adjustment increases, you can promote yourself to General, but when you
are a General you have to be able to make fast decisions!

1.  OBJECT of the GAME:

    Destroy the opposing artillery gun emplacement before he destroys
    you.  Predetermine between you and your opponent how many battles you
    are going to play in your war (i.e., first player to destroy five gun


    Player #1 use left joystick and fire button; player #2 use the
    right.  Joystick controls the barrel angle (up or down) and the
    amount of powder (up or down) used for each shot.  The fire button
    fires your gun.

    At the end of each battle, a cumulative score of the number of gun
    emplacements which both you and your opponent have knocked out will
    be displayed on each side at the bottom of the screen.


    You have two skill levels, Captain and General.  The "A" difficulty
    switch on the console is for General and the "B" switch is for
    Captain.  Each player may select which level to play on.


    Scoring is the same on all levels.  You are given credit for blowing
    up the opposing gun emplacement before being destroyed yourself.  



There are several thousand combinations of alpine terrain and gun
emplacements, so virtually every game you play will be different from any
which you have played before.

(opening screen shot)

Attract Mode - Opening Screen:

When you first turn on the game the name ARTILLERY DUEL and (c)XONOX 1983
will appear in a banner across the top of the screen.  The sky will turn
dark to show you night has come and a mountain terrain will set up in the
foreground.  Two artillery guns will appear and will silently commence
firing randomly at each other.  The gun with the flashing black window
has control and is taking aim to fire.

At this time, select th difficulty level that each player wishes to play
and press the Game Select switch to start the game.

(game screen shot)

Artillery Duel - The Battle:

An alpine terrain will appear with two guns placed ready to defend their
territory.  The terrain will be different for each battle (sometimes
mountains, sometimes valleys, sometimes several hills and valleys).  
Across the top of the screen a banner of instruments show barrel angle
(B), powder level (P), wind speed (W) and wind direction (white flag and
the motion of the clouds).  The player whose artillery gun has an opening
and closing window is in control.  Using the joystick, move left or right
to move the flashing arrow to Barrel angle or Powder level.  Move
joystick up or down to increase or decrease the amount of barrel or
powder you want for your shot.

There is an automatic countdown at the bottom of the screen and you must
make your adjustments prior to reading "0" or your gun will automatically
fire.  Once you have fired control goes over to your opponent.

Shots falling short or long of your target explode, but you only score by
a direct hit.  Wind speed and direction may change between shots os you
must take this into account when adjusting your gun as you zero in on
your target.  When one gun is finally destroyed, a group of your infantry
soldiers will march on to the field of battle to a military drum beat to
indicate which side has control of the territory.  The score will show at
the bottom of the screen.  After a few seconds, new terrain will appear
with guns in new positions and you're ready to continue the war with a
new battle.


Adjust powder level and barrel angle using the joystick.  Take into
account your previous shot's point of impact and the wind in making your

You will have thirty (30) seconds to set up your shot before the
automatic firing mechanism takes over.  The on-screen clock tells you
how many seconds you have to make your calculations.  When you are ready,
press the fire button to fire.  The game will continue until one player
has destroyed the opponent's emplacement.


You will still have all the variables (wind direction and speed, barrel
angle, powder level and terrain) that you had in the Captain level, but
as your rank increases you will have less time (15 seconds to make your
adjustment decisions.  The wind variations will also increase between
shots.  Part of the challenge of being a general is that you have less
time to react to make the proper decisions.  Assess the situation and
rapidly decide what changes in your barrel angle and/or amount of powder
will give your shot the proper trajectory to hit your target.  You must
always try to remember where your shot landed on the previous attempt and
what the wind direction and wind speed were.  This way when it is your
turn again you can estimate which adjustment will be best under the
particular conditions.



When you first start a battle, test fire a shot based on your past
experiences to see how gravity and wind are affecting your shot.  Each
game has slight gravity and wind force changes to prevent an experienced
player from "memorizing" shot distances and trajectories (angles that the
shots make at different barrel angles).  Therefore the first shot is very
important.  Watch the opponent's shot as well, for you can learn from how
his adjustments affect his shots to make yours more effective.

The higher you point your barrel the steeper the angle of your shot will
be.  This is good for getting at a gun emplacement nestled  in a valley
or behind a mountain, but high angle shots are more affected by the
wind.  (Note: about one increment of powder is equal to 2 MPH of wind
change at 60 degrees of barrel angle).  This changes slightly with each
new game.

As a last resort, use verbal exchanges and bad advice to distract and
confuse your enemy.  This is called "counter intelligence" and is often
used by real military forces ot supply false information to the enemy for
their advantage.


After you have fought your battle and either you or your opponent has
won, simply wait for the next terrain to set up and continue in your
war.  This will happen automatically, and the loser will be awarded the
first shot.

To reset the score or to assign new player ranks, press the RESET button
and follow the instructions for starting the game.



Hook up your Artillery Duel video game cassette.

On your screen will appear an alpine terrain with hills, valleys and
snow-capped mountains.  Terrain will change with each new battle.  Two
artillery guns face each other on each side.  The gun with a flashing
black window has control.  Winning any battle takes cunning and quick
decision making.  Artillery Duel has a number of instruments in which to
help you make correct calculations to win a battle and finally win the war.

At the top of the screen are three instrument boxes.  The box on the left
is labeled (B), showing barrel angle.  The box directly in the middle of
your screen is labeled (P) for powder level.  The correct adjustments to
these tow boxes will determine a direct hit.  The box on the right of
your screen, labeled (W), is your wind speed indicator.  Directly next to
it is a small white flag, which you will use to determine wind direction.

When a new round of firing begins you will first want to determine wind
speed and direction.  You will have 30 seconds to make the correct
adjustments before firing.  By moving your joystick right or left you
will guide the blinking arrow to the instrument box (B) or (P) you wish
to make adjustments to.

Barrel Angle -          Push up your joystick to increase the barrel angle
                        and down on the joystick to decrease the angle.

Powder Level -          To increase the powder charge used in a shot push
                        up on your joystick.  Pull down on your joystick
                        to decrease your powder level.

Wind Speed/Direction -  The instrument labeled (W) indicates wind speed
                        in MPH.  Watch the little white flag or the
                        movement of the clouds to determines wind

Shot Countdown -        The numbers displayed at the bottom center of the
                        screen indicates the number of seconds remaining
                        before you must fire - 30 seconds for Captain and
                        only 15 seconds for General.

Once the correct calculations have been made you should fire your gun.  
After your 30-second shot countdown has expired your gun will
automatically fire.  Firing will continue until one of the artillery gun
is destroyed.  When a battle is won, infantry soldiers marching to a
military drumbeat will announce which side has control of the territory.  
The war continues with new terrain and new challenges.

    John Perkins (Programmer)