12807 joguetes

Ghosts'n Goblins

Designed by : Tokuro Fujiwara
Lead Programming : Toshio Arima
Music & Sound Effects : Ayako Mori

Itens secretos:
* estrela da capcom de 10000 pontos: Na fase 1 pule um pouco antes da ultima planta. Na fase 3, apos a ultima queda, pouco antes do mestre, corra para a esquerda o maximo que puder.
* atire nas tumbas da fase 1 e pedras da fase 3 quinze vezes para invocar um anjo. Mate-o para ganhar 2000 pontos e desvie do raio que ele joga para nao ser transformado em sapo.
  Tambem existem varias armaduras escondidas que podem ser obtidas com pulos em determinadas posicoes das fases.
  Para passar para a última fase é necessario estar com o escudo, ou o jogo obrigara voce a repetir as penultimas fases.

Melhor trivia de todos os tempos:
The princess was officially called 'Prin Prin' (this is a onomatopeia for the buttocks which make a pretty movement).

Boss Tricks :
1) Dragon Trick - You can pass the level four dragon by fleeing! Just walk until music changes to boss theme (if you can't hear that, the spot is where you have the last two flames on the left of the screen), then go to extreme left : if everything is okay, the music should stop and the flames freeze. Go to the door to collect the key.
2) Demon Trick - To make disappear the demon boss at end of level five, try running away from him as fast as you can! Reach the floor with the hole in it and jump through it. If you have correct timing, you will fall in the pit, avoiding the moving platforms, and eventually escape the boss. Ogre boss tricks - The ogre bosses tend to jump when you fire, even if not directly at them. This is very useful in level six,when you can avoid losing your armor by activating the ogres, then going down the ladder and firing while holding your man in the same position where he starts at the beginning of the level.

Other Tricks :
1) Weapon Trick - After having defeated a level boss(es),the knight can fire two or three "invisible shots"; if the man is facing the right border of the screen while doing so,the shots will reappear in the following stage. This can be exploited to kill some of the skulls at beginning of level six (soooo useful...).
2) Fire Bridge Trick - If the game difficulty level is not set to hard (you can check this by the zombies' speed), the fire bridge can be traversed by simply going right without stopping.
3) Weird Spots - In levels five and six there are spots where you can jump through the yellow rock background : usually getting blocked or killed. In level six, the floor below the bosses' has an invisible hole in it at the extreme left : this can be used to the player's advantage.
4) Cemetery Glitch - Reach the last tomb before the devil, jump it and go right two or three steps. The knight should now be in front of a tree on the background. Don't go any further - go back, instead. Climb the first ladder you'll meet, then climb down the one on the left, which shouldn't be completely on the screen if you peformed the trick correctly : surprise!
5) Warp Trick - This is very odd : by a strategy similar to the one to reveal the cemetery glitch (that is, fiddling with scroll), you can activate a 'level warp' in the platform section at the beginning of level four. It involves going right, then trying to have some platform carry you beyond the 'scroll stops' line on the left. This should kill the knight and possibly make the next life start on the fire bridge or in level 5.

Armor :
1) The first armor is in the cemetery, between the red devil's starting position and last money bag : jump there to catch it. In the forest,there's the infamous unreachable armor : to collect it you should reach a spot just above the money bag right after the first plant. This cannot be done by jumping.
2) There are two armors in the ice palace. One can be gotten by walking left off the topmost platform; the other will fall right in front of the inferior plant by roaming around the other plant's location.
3) There are two armors in the blue cave. The first one is obtained by climbing the leftmost ladder and falling off the ledge. To get the second, perform a well-placed jump (you have to cross some precise point in mid-air while falling) before the fight with the last red devil.
4) The last armor is collected in level six by simply walking right on the first floor with hulk-like monsters on it (The programmers thought you couldn't avoid getting hit by the ogres and so they didn't hide that armor).