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Street Fighter

Na apresentação aparece o nome de outros jogos da Capcom pichados num muro.

The original! Ryu and Ken go after ten of the world's toughest brawlers. You've got a lot to learn before you defeat me!

Capcom's first one-on-one fighting game.

The original location test version of this game used pressure sensitive pads (Mechatronics) to measure the three strengths of attack used in the game - the bonus stages were unregulated tests of strength where the harder you hit the pad, the more you would score. You can imagine how much abuse the machines took, apparently one individual climbed up on top of the machine and drop kicked it to get a high score. After a large number of injuries, and a high damage bill, Capcom replaced the system with individual buttons for each strength - the now common 6 button layout.

Ryu can mean dragon, and Ken mean fist or punch. The two names together roughly make the phrase dragon punch. The dragon punch move has been copied over and over in most if not all subsequent fighting games released.

Capcom released a limited-edition soundtrack record for this game (Capcom Game Music Vol.2) on 03/1988, and a reprinted edition of this CD on 07/2002.

The Japanese version:
* Has different words spoken for Ryu and Ken during their special moves than the other versions. Ryu and Ken shout hadoken!, shoryuken! and tatsu-maki-senpuu-kyaku! during respective special moves in the Japanese version, while they shout hellfire!, dragon punch! and hurricane! on all other versions.

The prototype version:
* Has no demo mode.
* Different colors on highscore table.
* Different hole on in the wall during the title screen.
* Is highly bugged.
* No digitized voice samples.
* Characters share stage music.
* Ryu's victory pose is visually different.
* Different sound effects for everything.
* Different intro/outro music.
* Must win three rounds to win the match.
* Typo in victory quote screen, Rut Don't Forget... instead of But Don't Forget....
* No stage select when you start the game.
* The Hurricane Kick does not seem to be in the game.

Trick: When fighting Mike, inflict enough damage so that his life bar is lower than yours. Go to the far end of the screen on either side and hold back+down on the joystick for a crouching block. Mike will throw out of furry of body blows which will be deflected. Do this until the timer runs out and you will win everytime.
(era a manha do punheteiro)