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Computer Golf!

An extremely realistic nine hole electronic golf course!


Always be sure that the power to your Odyssey2 console is turned off before inserting a
game cartridge. This protects the electronic components and extends the life of the unit.


1. Insert the cartridge into the slot of the Odyssey2 console with the label side of the
cartridge facing the alpha-numeric keyboard.
2. Turn on the power by pressing the power button of the console. SELECT GAME will
appear on your TV screen. If it does not, press the RESET key on the alpha-numeric

(One to four players)

1. Press 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the alpha-numeric keyboard to correspond with the
number of players.

2. The first hole and an electronic golfer will appear on the screen.  The
number at the top right of the screen indicates the hole being played.  The
players' scores will appear at the top left of screen in order of play.  The
first player's score will be farthest left.  The fourth player's score will be
at the farthest right.  If you are playing on a color TV, the color of your
score will match the color of your electronic golfer.

3. Once the ball is on the green (the lighter geometric segment of the course)
the TV picture will automatcally change to a close-up of the green so that
the electronic golfer can putt out.

4. The trees on the course are hazards and will stop the flight of the ball.
A drive into the trees will elicit a very human reaction from the electronic

5. The dark area outside the course is the "rough."  A ball must be hit back
on the course when it's in the "rough."  The golfers cannot drive through
the rough to get to the green.

6. Each golfer plays through the entire hole before it is the next golfer's

7. Use the joy stick of the hand control units to walk the electronic golfers
around the course.  The left hand control is shared by players 2 and 4.  The
direction of the joy stick controls the direction the electronic golfers will
walk.  They will walk in all vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions in
accordance with the joy stick's position.

8. The toe of the club must overlap the ball at the start of the backswing.
The action button on the hand control unit controls the swing of the club.
Press down to start the backswing.  The longer you press the action button,
the higher the backswing.  The distance traveled by the ball is determined
by the length of the backswing.  If you bring the backswing full circle,
the club will release automatically, and the distance the ball travels
will be random.  Release the action button to hit the ball.  The backswing
will always be clockwise, and the downswing will always be counter-clockwise.
The direction taken by the ball will be dependent on the golfer's position
in relation to it.  It will be perpendicular to the angle of the toe of the
club when it makes contact with the ball.  (See diagram).

9. You can walk your electronic golfer away from the ball and take a practice
swing to confirm direction.  There is no stroke penalty for this.  If you
are addressing the ball and starting your backswing, but wish to change the
position of your electronic golfer - simply walk him away from the ball and
release the action button.  There is no penalty.

10. The player with the lowest score for the nine holes is the winner.

11. To play again, press the RESET key on the console and then press 1, 2, 3 or
4 on teh alpha-numeric keyboard.

COMPUTER GOLF!  Nine holes.  Par 36

Hole   1 2 3  4 5 6  7 8 9
Par    4 4 3  4 5 3  4 5 4