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Killer Bees!

Totally different sting warfare! Bug-zapping RoSHa Rays! 26 challenge levels! Totally



Always be sure that the power to your Odyssey2 console is turned off before inserting a
game cartridge. This protects the electronic components and extends the life of the unit.


1. Insert the cartridge into the slot of the Odyssey2 console or into The Voice of Odyssey
with the label side facing the alpha-numeric keyboard.
2. Turn on the power by pressing the power button of the console. The KILLER BEES
game title will appear on your TV screen. If it does not, press the RESET key on the
alpha-numeric keyboard.

(1 or more players)

1. The screen will alternate between The Killer Bees title and a silent demonstration

2. To start a game, move the joystick of either hand control.

3. Your swarm of 12 white bees will appear at the center of the screen. Use the same
joystick to control their flight.

4. Beebots from the insect civilization of BEM will invade Earth through the tunnels on
three sides of the screen. The red Beebots move clockwise. The blue Beebots move

5. Sting a Beebot by flying over it. The longer your swarm remains in contact, the slower
the beebot will travel. A Beebot will be dead and buried after it slows to a standstill.
Surviving Beebots will be blocked by the grave markers. If a Beebot is slowed but is no
longer being stung, it gradually regains its strength and speeds up.

6. The Beebots are protected by up to three swarms of Killer Bees at any one time. Every
time a swarm of Killer Bees makes contact with your swarm, you will lose some of your

7. The longer a swarm of Killer Bees remains on the screen, the more dangerous it
becomes. They come out of the tunnel as Green Meanies and start exploring the screen.
After a short time they advance to the Blue Bodyguard stage and protectively hover over
the Beebots. The final and most dangerous phase of their evolution is the Red Devil
stage. Red Devils will aggressively attack your swarm and become faster as the game

8. Your only defense against the Killer Bees is the bug-zapping RoSHa Ray. It will
become charged each time your swarm kills a Beebot, and red electrodes will follow the
vertical motion of your white swarm. Press the action button to fire the bug zapper. It will
instantly disintegrate any swarms to the left or right of your white swarm including those
in tunnels or currently stinging your swarm and will not hurt your white swarm.

9. Your bug-zapping RoSHa Ray will recharge every time you kill a Beebot. If your
zapper is already charged, killing a second Beebot will not allow you two zaps.

10. A round ends when you lose all your bees or kill all the Beebots. If you kill all the
Beebots, a new round will automatically start at the next higher of the 26 challenge
levels. The challenge level indicator is at the upper right corner of the screen.

11. If you lose all your bees, a new game will automatically start at level 1.

12. Scoring:

13. Bonus Scoring:

10 points for each of your surviving bees multiplied by a purple number at the top right
corner of the screen which will appear between rounds. This number will increase by one
each time all twelve of your bees survive a round.

Surviving bees at end of round = 10
10 points are awarded for each survivor
10 x 10 = 100
In this case the bonus multiplier = 4
100 x 4 = 400 (total bonus)

14. The high score in a series of games will appear at the top left of your screen.

15. Three question marks at the upper left corner of the screen will request the initials of
the high scoring player. The player enters his or her initials through the keyboard. The
high score and the high scoring player's initials will remain on the screen until a higher
score is achieved in succeeding games. (If you make a mistake, press CLEAR and re-
enter you initials.)

16. To start a new scoring cycle, press RESET. Move the joystick of either hand control,
and a new game will start.