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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT team:

G. Suzuki (program)

Mariyanma 25 (characters)

K. Hattori (graphic)

Y. Asano (visual)

K. Yamashita (animation)

S. Tasaka, Imo Hideto

M. Izumi, Miki Chang

S. Matsumoto (hardware)

Tips and Tricks:

In the sewer level, if you
align your foot very close to
the edge of the step without
falling down, you can be
invincible. You can still hit
them with whatever type of
attack you want, but they
can't hit you.

You can theoretically get
unlimited points. Use the
yellow guy's boomerang. Lead
one yellow guy in such a way
that he gets stuck at an
(fire hydrant or barrel)
between you and him, aligned
horizontally. He will try to
move toward you, but he won't
be able to move since the
object is near him. Get close
enough to him so that he
starts throwing boomerangs.
You can kill each one for
(wow!) 1 point. I got 4000
points on this game, which is
pretty good considering most
people make it to the end with
only 350 or so.

In the sewer level, stand just
below the ledge in the middle
of the screen. Then jump
straight up. You will land
just on the edge of the upper
level. Nothing can hurt you
for the rest of that level,
but you can kill anything that
comes close enough to you.
(You can't move up or down
though, or you'll have to
repeat this trick).

In the sewer level, you can
keep from getting hit by
walking right along the edge
of the brick floor. This
prevents enemies from
you from multiple directions.
You still need to nail enemies
directly in front of you or
behind you. This is easy with

Killing most bosses consist of
3 strategies. They all consist
of moving vertically towards
the bosses.

1: Move vertically upwards,
hit the boss, and move
vertically downwards. Repeat
until dead. Works well on

2: Wait for the boss to move
vertically down towards you,
wait for him, hit him, and
move vertically upwards.
Repeat until he's dead. Works
best on Rocksteady. Best
results occur when you hit and
run at the same time.

3: Wait for the boss to move
vertically towards you. Jump
over him, move through him
and attack as you do this,
keep moving. Repeat. Works
well on the big robots.

By the way, if you're in (or
from) the UK, you might
remember this game as
"Teenage Mutant Hero