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Metal Slug

Obviously parodying the movie and TV smash hits Full Metal Jacket and MASH, Metal Slug came out during SNK's prime. A full-out shoot-'em-up, Metal Slug combined challenging levels and beautiful art direction for a title that many will say was the beginning of the greatest shooter series ever created. What made Metal Slug such an entertaining title was its over-the-top humor, which made every single level a blast to play. You watched in amazement as enemy grunts stopped to laugh at you when you died, only to shriek in horror when you respawned. Of course, the tight control scheme didn't hurt either. So where does the name Metal Slug come from? It's basically the uberpowerful tank that you get during the midpoint of every stage. With a powerful cannon and the ability to jump and duck enemy fire, the Metal Slug tank is the trademark of the series.