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Its Only Rock'n'Roll


It's Only Rock 'N' Roll

In this brilliant text and graphics game, you start with a guitar, a few
bucks and enough raw talent to sit in with the Stones or the Police.

Now you've got some big decisions to make as you pick one of three levels
and let IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N ROLL take you down a whirlwind road seeking the
unbelievable wealth, status and popularity poiints you'll need to suceed.

If you're really good - if you can avoid exhausting tours, bad managers,
lousy material and _too_ much fun - if you can keep your money, stay happy,
and interpret the record charts and newspaper headlines - you'll be the all
time reigning KING OF ROCK AND ROLL!

Fail and you'll be playing the opening act blues.

But whether you end up a superstar or a hasbeen, IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N ROLL AND

1. Hook up your video game system. Follow the manufacturer's directions.
2. With the power "OFF", plug the game cartridge into the video game system.
3. Now turn the power on. If no picture appears, check connection of your
game console to TV; then repeat steps 1, and 2, and press RESET.

NOTE: Always turn the console power switch "OFF" when inserting or removing
a XONOX cartridge. This will protect the electronic components and help
prolong the life of your XONOX games.

You may have to adjust your Vertical Hold on your T.V. set.

1) Choose a name for the group (maximum of 14 letters).
2) Choose level of play (1-3)
3) Status Report appears. Use a reference throughout game play to help you
make career decisions. Pay close attention to money, happiness, energy and
months. Good Luck!

* Watch all your monthly expenses.
* You only have 60 months to reach stardome in Level 1.
* Manager can increase royalty rate.
* To earn money on a recording contract, you must make a record. But first,
  you must have 100 Popularity Points to be signed by a recording company.
* Consult your manager to get special deals.
* When you need a rest take a vacation to regain energy points
* Watch the music headlines that appear at random for hints on what to do
  each month.
* Remember, above all the adulation and riches, happiness is the most
  important thing in life.

Your score is based on popularity, happiness and the amount of money you
have. Subtract any bank loans and status symbols. Go for it - put all the
energy you can into making your performance the best you can! Get fan clubs
to boost your happiness and popularity. Better rated records mean higher
record sales and with a lot of luck you can be a ROCK 'N ROLL star!

To Win You Need:
* $1,000,000
* 1000 Popularity Points
* 3 Status Symbols