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Miner 2049er (coleco)

Miner 2049er


Coleco compatible Controller
Miner 2049er cartridge
TV or monitor

ONE/TWO PLAYER GAME - Miner 2049er can be played
by one or two players. Select by pressing 1 or 2 when
prompted for the number of players. Press 2 only if a
second controller is connected.

OBJECTIVE - The objective of Miner 2049er is for Bounty
Bob to survive all 11 game levels in succession without
being destroyed. The game is over when the third Bounty
Bob is destroyed. Miner hats in the upper left corner of the
screen represent how many Bounty Bobs you have left. To
reach each successive level, Bounty Bob must MASK the
entire framework on the present level before the time
display reaches 0. After all the framework has been
masked, the time left on the clock is converted to points
and added to your score.

GAME LEVELS - Miner 2049er consists of 11 levels.

1) Ladders           7) Multiple Lifts
2) Slides            8) Hydraulic Pump
3) Elevator          9) Stompers
4) Lillipads         10) Cannon
5) Moving Lillipads  11) Uranium
6) Radioactive Pool

SCORING - Scoring is as follows:

Miner tools  150 points
Mutants      100 points
Framework      5 points per section
TNT          150 points per ton/bundle

An extra Bounty Bob is rewarded upon reaching 10000,
30000, and 50000 points.

BOUNTY BOB MOVEMENT - Bounty Bob can walk,
jump up, forward or backward, climb up and down ladders,
and slide down the slides.

Controller - Use the controller to move Bounty Bob in all

Jump button - Jump in place
Controller + jump button - Jump forward/backward

COMMANDS - The commands that are active throughout
the game are:

# - Pause game and time on/off
0 - Restart game
* - Sound on/off

MUTANTS - Mutants are dangerous until one of the miner
tools is taken. After a miner tool has been taken, the
Mutants change color and acquire a friendly appearance -
they smile for a few seconds. During this friendly period
they are vulnerable and may be touched to destroy them
forever. If they are not destroyed, they will flash and then
return to their dangerous state. Bounty Bob must jump
over the Mutants to survive when miner tools are not
involved in a level.

ELEVATOR (3) - Press #5 to retrieve the elevator to Bounty
Bob's level. Press 1-4 to arrive at the desired level. Bounty
Bob must be on the elevator when you press 1-4 to set it in
motion. He may jump off the elevator at any time while it is

LILLIPADS/LIFT (4,5,7) - Bounty Bob assumes the same
motion as the lillipads and lifts.

RADIOACTIVE POOL (6) - Falling into the radioactive
pool is lethal.

HYDRAULIC PUMP OPERATION (8) - To operate the lift
Bounty Bob must first be standing on it, then press #5 to
turn on the lift. Use the controller to move the lift up and
down. Press the jump button to turn it off and give
movement back to Bounty Bob.

STOMPERS (9) - Contact with the Stompers is lethal. The
moving platforms in this level are different from those in
other levels in that they can only be used once. Once
Bounty Bob jumps off a platform, it will stay in that position
until the end of the level.

CANNON (10) - Bounty Bob must advance to the upper
framework by being shot out of a cannon. To do this, he
needs to go to the TNT chamber and eat TNT, climb the
ladder, and then fall into the cannon. Move the cannon to
the desired location using the controller. Press the jump
button to fire the cannon . He will then move up 1 level per
ton of TNT that he has eaten. You will also receive 150
points per ton/bundle of TNT taken. Be careful not to eat
more than 3 tons of TNT at a time as this will shoot him out
of the cannon at lethal speeds.

Uranium (11) - Congratulations! You've made it to the
eleventh level. Take the uranium and collect bonus points.