15269 joguetes

Biomechanical Toy

Developed by Zeus

Zeus staff:
Main design: Raul Lopez, Ricardo Puerto
Program: Ricardo Puerto
Computer Graphics: Raul Lopez
Art & Animation: Raul Lopez, Maite R. Otxotorena, Juanma Ripalda, Andreito Lobero
Development system: Ricardo Puerto, Juan Mari Gorrotxategi, Asier Zubillaga
Thanks to Rafael Arroyo

This is the first and only
Coin Op produced by Zeus.

The team itself started
development games for the
8 bit computers
(Spectrum, Amstrad and
MSX). The original team
was Ricardo Puerto
(programmer) and
Raul Lopez (graphic

Their 8 bit games are:
Hundra (c) 1987
Delfox (c) 1987
Commando Tracer (c) 1988

Afterwards, they went onto
16 bit computers (Amiga and
PC) and they produced "RISKY
WOODS", which then was
converted to the Genesis
(Megadrive) by Electronic Arts.

Raul Lopez was also one the
graphic artist in After the
War and Satan from Dinamic.

All their games were publised
in Spain by Dinamic.
The last I heared from them
was that Ricardo was working
on Dinamic again, programming
PC Futbol.

Tips and Tricks:
- Hat Bonus
Shoot quickly the Hat, and
if you can hit them enought
before they dissapear, you
will be awarded with a
200.000 bonus points.

- Clowns
The clown is valued 100.000
points, and its hidden around
all levels. The demo shows
where the first one its (head
statue at the beggining).
There are others on the first
level. The first one is hidden
in the cactus. Jump and shoot
down until another clown is
The third one is hidden inside
the red ball on the roof. Shoot
the ball until explodes and
another clown will appear.
The fourth is in the chimney
placed at the roof of
the house. Jump onto the
chimney, and jump and fire down
to where the smoke escapes into
the air. After a few shoots, a
clown will appears.
You can reach the fifth one
jumping from the top of the
roof to the left. There are
globes that will let you access
the clown.
There are a lot of others in
other levels, but its up to
you to find them.

There is an extra life hidden
in one of the threes in Wood
of Clocks level. Try to find