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by Sunrise

The hall is at a hush. The maestro takes the baton and readies the orchestra.
But wait! All the notes have been scrambled and you must help the maestro
scurry madly around the orchestra pit directing the notes back to their proper
order. Climb ladders, throw levers, reverse the conveyor belt, and step on
rollovers to guide the music ball to the correct notemaker slot. Proper
placement rewards you with the overture, but incorrect placement results in
a speed increase and greater difficulty. A variety of melodies and random
scrambling of the notes guarantees to keep your interest, while you
painlessly learn about music.


The game unit must be turned off when inserting or removing the ROLLOVERTURE
game cartridge.

Object of Game

You help Maestro Theodore T. Tophat (affectionately known as Triple T) travel
around the orchestra pit attempting to direct the rolling note into the proper
note-maker slot.

The Orchestra Pit

The orchestra pit contains seven levers, positioned over the note-maker slot
that the lever controls. Triple T runs by a lever to change its setting,
thereby opening or closing the corresponding note-maker hatch.

The conveyor belt is used to direct the rolling note to the left note-maker
slots or the right note-maker slots. Triple T can change the direction of the
conveyor belt by running on the conveyor belt in the opposite direction you
wish it to go.

There are two blue bumpers which are solid color when active, and an outline
when not active. If Triple T runs over an active blue bumper the note-maker
slots will be scrambled.

There are seven red bumpers, which are solid color when active. If the rolling
note hits an active red bumper, the notemaker hatches will be scrambled
and closed). If Triple T runs over any active red bumper, the bumper is
deactivated without scrambling the note-maker hatches.

There are seven ladders that Triple T can use to climb up or down in the
orchestra pit.

There are two gaps which Triple T must jump over. When Triple T correctly
completes a phrase, you will hear the overture played and a new phrase and
screen will appear.


Completing a note        100 points
Completing a phrase     5000 points

Game Controls

Left Joystick  -- Triple T runs left
Right Joystick -- Triple T runs right
Up Joystick    -- Triple T climbs up ladder
Down Joystick  -- Triple T climbs down ladder
Fire Buttons   -- Triple T jumps, or
                  restarts after pause

* Key -- pauses game until fire button pressed.

When a game is completed, the * key or the # key will start a new game.

Level of Play

  1           0               4
  2           2               6
  3           4               8
  4           6              10

Helpful Hints

On level one the note needed will blink in its note-maker slot. This will only
occur for the first four notes of each song.

Use the direction of the conveyor belt to control which notes will be
encountered first. If the conveyor belt is moving left the note-maker slots on
the right of the screen will be first.

When stuck at the end of the conveyor belt, push the joystick toward the
center of the screen and press the fire button to jump away from the end
of the conveyor belt.

Always try to de-activate a lit red bumper before it is hit by the rolling

For a much needed break in the ACTION, press the * key for a pause. To
restart the game depress either firebutton.