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Bible Buffet

Bible Buffet
Instruction Manual
Wisdom Tree

Page 2
Object of the Game

Up to four players can join in on the fun as you bravely venture through 12
food-filled lands on your way to the finish line.  Start off your turn with a
spin of the spinner.  Watch as your character makes his or her way across the
map.  If you land on an action square, it's time for action.  Armed only with
forks, knives, and spoons, each player tries to collect as much food as possible.
A lucky spin might land you on a shortcut or a bonus square.  An unlucky spin
might send you backtracking or cause you to lose a turn.  Bible questions present
themselves throughout the game allowing you to stock up on health and gold stars.
Don't think crossing the finish line first makes you the only winner.  In addition
to the "First to Finish" award, players are rewarded for the most food collected
and the most questions answered correctly.  Everyone from beginners to skilled
players has a chance to win playing Bible Buffet!

Page 3
Getting Started

This manual is designed to show you how to play Bible Buffet on cartridge-based
systems* or on disk-based systems that are 100% IBM/PC - compatible.  Game play is
virtually identical on all systems, but starting the game and controlling the game
are slightly different on each system.

Cartridge-Based Systems*

Insert the Bible Buffet cartridge into the cartridge slot of your system and turn
the system on.

IBM/PC or Compatible

Bible Buffet requires a minimum of 512K RAM on the motherboard, and an EGA or VGA
card with 128K.  It has both keyboard and joystick options.

You may install Bible Buffet on your hard drive or you may play it directly off a
floppy drive.  To install Bible Buffet on your hard drive, place the disk (disk 1
of 2 if you are using the 5 1/4" disks) into the appropriate disk drive.  Switch to
that drive by typing A: or B: and press "ENTER" and then type INSTALL and press
"ENTER."  Continue to follow the instructions on the screen.  After installation is
complete, you can play Bible Buffet by changing to the Buffet directory (type
CDBUFFET and press "ENTER") and type BUFFET and press "ENTER."

To play Bible Buffet off a floppy drive, place the disk (disk 1 of 2 if you are
using the 5 1/4" disks) into the appropriate disk drive.  Switch to that drive by
typing A: or B: and type BUFFET and press "ENTER."

*Cartridge-based systems include Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Super
Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis.

Page 4
The Opening Screens

Title Screen

>From the Title Screen, use the joypad to select 1, 2, 3 or 4 players.

Question Category Screen

You will now be asked to enter a question category.  If you open your question
booklet to the table of contents, you will see a list of categories with
corresponding numbers.  Select the category you wish to be quizzed on and enter the
category number with the joypad.  Push the joypad up to increase the number and
down to decrease the number.  Pushing left and right moves the glowing cursor to
the next number.  When you have the number entered press the A BUTTON.

Name Entry Screen

>From this screen each player can use the joypad to enter his or her name.  If you
make an error, move the glowing cursor over the left arrow and press the A BUTTON.
When you are finished, move the cursor to END and press the A BUTTON.

Page 5
The Playing Board

This is the overall map of the game.  Think of it as a board game with a spinner.
Each player takes turns spinning the spinner and taking the appropriate action when
the spinner stops.  This diagram identifies all the key elements of the playing

(Diagram of the board game portion of Bible Buffet, with labels pointing out the
Action Square, Free Square, Finishing Circle, Starting Circle, Playing Token, Bonus
Square, and Shortcut/Backtrack.)

Page 6
Action Square - If your token lands on an action square, you will enter an action
    screen.  Action screens are the spoon-throwing, food-collecting, battle-your-
    way-to-the-exit screens.

Free Square - Landing on a free square lets you spin again.  However, if the free
    square is at one end of a shortcut/backtrack, your token will automatically
    move to the other end of the shortcut/backtrack and your turn will end.

Bonus Square - Landing on these randomly placed squares not only presents you with
    a pop quiz but also offers you one of two prizes or one of four movements.  You
    can pick a key, a health holder, or move ahead 1 to 4 spaces.  Bonus squares
    randomly appear 1 to 6 spaces ahead of your token at the beginning of your turn.

Starting Circle - When the game begins all tokens are placed at the starting circle.

Finishing Circle - The first player to land in the finishing circle wins the "First
    to Finish" award.  Don't let this discourage other players.  Everyone has a
    chance to win playing Bible Buffet.  Once all players have reached the finishing
    circle, a short reward ceremony shows which player won the "Most Pop Quiz Stars"
    and "First to Finish" awards as well as the amount of food each player

Shortcut/Backtrack - There are two shortcut/backtracks on the playing board.  One
    connects Salad Land to Bread Land and the other connects Bar-B-Q Land to Snack
    Land.  If your token lands on a free square at either end of a shortcut/
    backtrack, it will automatically move to the free square at the opposite end.
    In other words, if you land on the free square in Salad Land you just saved a
    lot of time by using the shortcut to Bread Land.  However if you are already
    in Bread Land and you land on the free square there, you will backtrack to
    Salad Land.

Page 7
The Spinner

The spinner determines how far you travel during each turn (1 to 6 squares).  The
spinner can also stop on a happy face, a sad face or a pop quiz.  Each player's turn
starts with a spin of the spinner.  To spin, press the A BUTTON.  If the spinner
stops on a number, your token will move forward that many spaces.  The other three
spinner positions are explained below.

Happy Face - If the spinner stops on this picture, one of three things will happen.

1 MOVE AHEAD 10!  This lets your token move forward 10 spaces.

2 1 HEALTH HOLDER!  This gives you another heart container.

3 A KEY!  You will receive a key which can be used on a locked door.

Sad Face - If the spinner stops on this picture, you will either lose your turn or
you will go back 1, 2 or 3 spaces and lose your turn.

Pop Quiz - You will be presented with a 3-question pop quiz if the spinner stops on
this picture.  If you get all three questions right, you will receive a pop quiz
star.  The player with the most pop quiz stars at the end of the game gets a pop
quiz star bonus.  The questions you are asked are determined by the question category
you pick at the beginning of the game.

Page 8-9
(Bible Buffet Evaluation Sheet.  I've moved it to the end of the file for
convenience's sake.)

Page 10
Action Screens

If your token lands on an action square, you will enter an action screen.  Here you
will use your dodging skills, utensils, and preservatives blasts to collect food and
make it to the exit.

Controlling Your Player

JOYPAD - Moves your player around
A BUTTON - Throws your current utensil (Genesis = C BUTTON)
B BUTTON - Drops a preservative blast barrel
SELECT - Selects your current utensil (Genesis = A BUTTON)
START - Pauses and unpauses the game
START+SELECT - Ends your turn (Genesis = START+A BUTTON)

Types of Food

Most of the action screens are full of food.  The foods can be divided into three
basic groups.

1 STATIONARY FOOD - All you need to do to collect this food is run over it.

2 WALKING FOOD - Throw a utensil (fork, knife or spoon) at this food to collect it.
  Most of the food will become temporarily dizzy.  Once food is dizzy you can run
  over it to pick it up.  Some walking foods require a preservative blast to
  become dizzy.

3 BAD FOOD - You cannot collect bad food.  Avoid contact with it.

Page 11

The easiest way to collect food and pretect yourself is to throw utensils.  There
are three utensils to choose from: forks, knives and spoons.  At the beginning of
the game you only have one spoon.  As you progress through the game you will find
utensil icons that let you collect additional spoons as well as forks and knives.
Here is a description of the three different utensils.

|UTENSIL  |  SPEED   |  DISTANCE  |                  PATTERN                       |
|Spoon    |   Slow   |   Short    |  (Picture-Fires straight forward)              |
|Fork     |  Medium  |   Medium   |  (Picture-Fires in three directions)           |
|Knife    |   Fast   |   Long     |  (Picture-Fires straight forward: long range)  |

Preservative Blast

Certain types of food only become dizzy from a preservative blast.  To drop a
preservative blast barrel, press the B BUTTON.  The barrel sits on the ground for
about 2 seconds and then blasts.  At the beginning of the game, you start off with
20 barrels.  Throughout the levels, you can pick up additional preservative
barrels.  You can also use preservative blasts to open hidden passages.


You are randomly given keys by spinning a happy face or you can choose a key if you
land on a bonus square.  Keys are not required to finish the game.  They allow you
to unlock doors for extra prizes or shortcuts.  Only a few screens have locked

Page 12
Status Bar

(Picture of the Status Bar, with arrows pointing to the Region Name, Health Meter,
Player Number, # of Preservative Blasts, Current Utensil, # of Utensils, Food Bank,
Pounds of Food, and # of Keys.)

Game Hints

Try for as many pounds as possible.  If you collect 3 food items at once, you get a
50 pound bonus.  If you collect 4, you get 50 plus another 100 pounds.  If you
collect 5 food items at once, you get 50, 100, and 500 pound bonuses.  For each food
after 5, you receive an additional 500 pound bonus.  To take advantage of these
bonuses, try to make as many foods dizzy as possible at one location.  When there
are at least 3 dizzy foods at the same location, quickly run over them.

A lot of foods offer more pounds if you use a preservative blast on them or a rock
to push them instead of just throwing a utensil.

There are so many foods in Bible Buffet, it would be impossible to explain how each
one behaves (and it would take away the fun of exploring and learning).  Pay
attention to how the foods act by watching other players' turns.  Good luck!

ATTENTION!  This ends the informative portion of the manual which pertains to
gameplay.  The remainder of this file is just here for you completists out there.

Page 13

Nintendo Entertainment System: Insert cartridge in and out of the system several
  times to make sure all connections are clean.  If after inserting this cartridge
  in your system, the TV screen proceeds to flash on and off for more than 9 times,
  you may get an immediate exchange by exercising the steps listed below.

Game Boy or Sega Genesis: Insert cartridge in and out of the system several times to
  make sure connections are clean.  If cartridge still fails to work, you may get an
  immediate exchange by exercising the steps listed below.

IBM/PC or Compatible: Check to make sure your computer system meets the minimum
  requirements listed on the back of the box.  This game will not run on monochrome
  or CGA systems.  You must have EGA or VGA.  Although this software has been
  thoroughly tested on numerous manufacturer's systems and video cards, it is not
  possible to keep up-to-date with all hardware currently available.  This software
  is designed to work with hardware that is 100% IBM-compatible.  There are a few
  cases where an updated version of software may better meet your system's setup.
  However, if the software still fails to work, you may get an immediate exchange
  by exercising the steps listed below.


1. If your cartridge/software still fails to work, then call either 1 (800) 77-BIBLE
   or (714) 528-3456 in the USA or Canada for an RMA# (Return Merchandise
   Authorization No.).  The 800 PHONE NUMBER IS NOT INTENDED FOR GAME TIPS.  For
   game tips call (714) 993-6515.  You will be charged $.75/min.

2. Return the cartridge/software in its original box, freight prepaid, with a copy
   of your sales receipt to the following address with the RMA# on the box, within
   the 90-day warranty period.  WISDOM TREE, INC., Customer Service, 2700
   E. Imperial Hwy., Bldg. A, Brea, CA 92621


...where it was originally purchased.  Your game system may require a special
cartridge or software.  We will be glad to exchange your cartridge/software and
express it to you.

Page 14

   Wisdom Tree, Inc., (MANUFACTURER) warrants to the original purchaser that this
Wisdom Tree game, cartridge/software shall be free from defects in material and
workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.  Wisdom Tree, Inc.,
also warrants that the software, as originally purchased will perform in
conformance with the specifications as stated in the packaging and the user manual.
If a defect covered by this warranty occurs within the warranty period, Wisdom Tree
will at its option repair or replace the defective cartridge/software free of
charge (except for the cost of returning the original product).  This warranty shall
not apply if the cartridge/software has been damaged by negligence, accident,
modification, tampering, unreasonable use, or by other causes unrelated to defective
materials or workmanship.  The provisions of the warranty are valid in the United
States and Canada only.
   Wisdom Tree, Inc. shall not in any case be liable for incidental, consequential,
or other indirect damages arising from any claim under this agreement, even if
Wisdom Tree, Inc., or its agents have been advised of the possibility of such
damages.  Wisdom Tree, Inc., makes no warranties, either express or implied,
regarding the enclosed computer software package, its merchantability or its
fitness for any particular purpose.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or
limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or of implied warranties, so the
above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.  This warranty provides you with
specific legal rights.  There may be other rights that you may have which vary from
state to state.


This equipment generates and uses radio frequency energy and if not installed and
used properly, that is, in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction, may cause
interference to radio and television reception.  It has been type tested and found
to comply with the limits for a class B computing device in accordance with the
specification in Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide
reasonable protection against such interference in a residential installation.  If
this equipment does cause interference to radio or television reception, which can
be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try
to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

REORIENT the receiving antenna.
RELOCATE the game system with respect to the receiver.
MOVE the game system away from the receiver.
PLUG the game system into a different outlet so that game system and receiver are on
  different circuits.

Copyright 1993 Wisdom Tree, Inc.

Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, IBM/PC,
and Sega Genesis are trademarks of their respective companies, and Wisdom Tree, Inc.
is not related to nor endorsed by them.

Pages 8 & 9-Bible Buffet Evaluation Sheet
Bible Buffet Evaluation Sheet

Game System Used On:    NES   PC   Game Boy   Genesis   Super NES

Please rate the following:

                      Excellent       Fair    Poor
Entertainment        A      B      C      D      F
Education            A      B      C      D      F
Biblical Accuracy    A      B      C      D      F
Challenge            A      B      C      D      F
Graphics             A      B      C      D      F
Sound                A      B      C      D      F

How did you find out about Bible Buffet?

Magazine   Radio   Newspaper   Television   Church   Sunday School
Catalog   Youth Group   Bookstore   Friend   Ad in Box   Other:________

When did you purchase Bible Buffet? ___/___/___

What did you like most about Bible Buffet?_________________________________________

What did you like lease about Bible Buffet?________________________________________

What suggestions do you have for a Wisdom Tree video game?_________________________

(Start Page 9)

Would you buy another Wisdom Tree video game?   Yes_____  No_____
If not, why?_______________________________________________________________________

What game systems do you own?  NES   Game Boy   Super NES   IBM/PC   Macintosh
Atari   Sega Genesis   TurboGrafx   Lynx   Game Gear
Other: ____________________________________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Phone: (______) _______________________________   Age:____________

|   |
|   |   Please check here if you would like to receive more information on Wisdom
 ---    Tree's line of video games based on the Bible.  Please write us with your
comments and suggestions.

Send to:                 Wisdom Tree, Inc.
                         2700 E. Imperial Hwy., Bldg. A
                         Brea, CA 92621

NES, Game Boy, Super NES, IBM/PC, Macintosh, Atari, TurboGrafx, Lynx, GameGear,
and Sega Genesis are trademarks of their respective companies, and Wisdom Tree,
Inc. is not related to nor endorsed by them.