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Faria - a world of mystery and danger

O botão A serve para usar a espada durante o combate e para prosseguir as falas.
O botão B serve para usar o arco durante o combate e para cancelar as falas. O arco deve ser equipado e as flechas tem que ser compradas em separado e "habilitadas" com o comando Item/Use.
Aperte Start para equipar/usar itens

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
The Kingdom of Faria 3
Getting Started 4
The Controller 6
Basic Commands 7
Other Commands 10
Special Items for Battle 12
Main Characters 13
The Townships 14
Shops and Services 17
Exciting Places in Faria 19
Adventure Information 22
List of Items 23
Compliance with FCC Regulations 32
Limited Warrenty 32
Special Guide Map Offer 33


Long ago, in a far away land just around the corner, raged a battle against a
fierce Wizard.

The Wizard was cruel beyond imagination, and cast his bad magic upon the good
people of the kingdom.  Legions of soldiers were sent out to battle the
Wizard, but the soldiers returned to the king defeated and disgraced.

Fortunately, sorcerers loyal to the good king devised a magical means to
create a dragon.  By having the dragon fight the Wizard, no more harm would
come to the townspeople or the King's soldiers.

The sorcerers were victorius as the dragon's great power defeated the Wizard.
The king ordered the sorcerers to entomb the Wizard inside of a special sword.
The little kingdom was safe from the wizard, and the people were and
prosperous once again.

The good sorcerers told the king, "Should the Wizard ever escape from within
this special sword, only a warrior from a faraway land be able to defeat him!"
The next day, the sorcerers had mysteriously disappeared.

The special sword was placed in the care of only the highest officials in the
land, and was passed down along with the prophecy from one generation to the
next.  All the while, the Wizard, entombed within the special sword, thought
to himself, "If I were so fortunate to escape this prison of mine, then the
people of this little kingdom shall suffer the wrath of my revenge!"

Then, one day, not too long ago, in the kingdom of FARIA something terribly
ominous was in the air...
The Kingdom of Faria

[Map of the World of Faria]

1. Ehdo A. The Gelve Tower K. The Last Tower
2. Somusa B. The Second Cave L. The Last Cave Area
3. Karuza C. The Broww Tower M. The Castle
4. Highria D. The First Cave N. The Phantom Tower
5. Rira E. Man-Eating Elephant Grove
6. Teodoor F. Exit from the Second Cave
7. Tegza G. The North Tower
8. Shilf H. The Lizard Man Grove
9. Zellia I. The General Store
10.Beig J. The Lake of the Mystical Goddess
Getting Started

Insert the FARIA game cartridge in the Nintendo Control Deck and turn the
power on.  The opened book and a list of commands are displayed after the
title of the game appears.  Press the Start button to switch from the title
screen to the command screen.


New Game - If you are going to start a new game, move the cursor to NEW GAME
using the Control Pad or the SELECT button and press the A button.  The game
save slots will appear.

On this screen you may select up to 3 characters (soldier 1 through soldier 3)
to be recorded in the adventure log.  The name entry screen will appear.  You
can enter a name of up to six letters long by moving the cursor with the
Control Pad.

If you make a mistake while entering the name, move the cursor to Back and
press the A button.  The cursor will back up one space.  Now that you are
ready to play this game, let's get on with the adventure! (NOTE: If all six
letters for the name are used, the display will switch to the Game screen
automatically even if END is not specified.)

Restart - You can select the RESTART command to resume an adventure that you
have saved.  Press the A button and move the cursor to the desired character
(soldier 1 through soldier 3), and then press the A button again.  The game
will start from the situation in which it was previously saved.

Copy - You can select the COPY command to copy one adventure log to another.
Move the cursor to the log (soldier 1 through soldier 3) you want to copy and
press the A button.  Move the cursor again and press the A button to select
the destination.  You will then be asked "Yes" or "No".  Select "Yes" if you
want to copy, "No" if you have decided against making a copy.  The COPY
command cannot be used if all the adventure logs for soldier 1 through
soldier 3 are in use.

Erase - You can use the ERASE command to erase an adventure log.  The
procedure is the same as for the COPY command.
The Controller

Control Pad - This moves your character in any direction.  On the Command
screen, this moves the cursor in the same direction.

Start Button - When the START button is pressed, the command window will
appear at the top of the screen.  Select a command by moving the cursor with
the Control Pad and execute it by pressing the A button.

Select Button - You can use this button to select one of the special items
displayed at the bottom of the screen during the battle sequences of the game.

A button - Normally this button is used for command execution.  It is also
used to control to control the sword in a battle scene.

B button - Normally this button is used to cancel a command.  It is also used
to manipulate a special item in a battle scene.

[Diagram of Control Pad]
Basic Commands


You can display the command window by pressing the START button.

Item - Choose this command to use an item that you have acquired.  If you
press the A button, an inventory of acquired items will be displayed.

Move the cursor to the item that you wish using the Control Pad and press the
A button.  Press the A button again, and the message "Are you sure?" will
appear.  Press the A button again at the "Yes" position if you want to select
the item, or at the "No" position if you want to cancel the selection.

Drop - Choose this command to drop an item that is not being used.  The
procedure is the same as for the ITEM command.

Status - You can find out just much strength, money or weapons you possess.

HP (Hit Points) - This shows your life force.

MAX HP - This shows the maximum hit points in the current level.  The
maximum number of hit points is 250.

STR - This shows your current striking power.

DP - This shows your current defensive power.

Level - This shows your current level.  This highest level is 30.

EXP - This is your fighting experience.  As you gain experience, you
level goes up and your strength increases.

Gold - This shows the money that you currently have.

Arrow - This shows how many arrows you have left (Maximum of 250).

Battery - This shows the number of batteries you have left (maximum
Of 250).

Bomb - This shows the number of bombs (maximum of 250).

Sede - This shows the magic Sede count (maximum of 250).

Saba - This shows the magic Saba count (maximum of 250).

Sword - This shows the sword that you currently possess.

Bow - This shows the bow that you currently possess.

Armor - This shows the armor that you currently are wearing.

Shield - This shows the shield that you currently are using.

Equip - You can use this command to change your equipment.  Move the cursor to
the item to be changed on the left side of the screen with the Control Pad,
and press the A button.  Move the cursor to the next item on the right side
of the screen with the Control Pad, and press the A button again.  Finally
move the cursor to the END position and press the A button once more.

Note: This command should be used after a superior sword or armor is purchased
so that the new equipment can be used.

Escape - This command permits you to escape from the enemy during a battle.
However, if this command is used too often, or with a strong monster or
battle position, you may lose hit points, gold or items.  therefore this
command should only be used in emergencies.
Other Commands

You can use the following commands by pressing the START button or the A
button during a session.

Buy - You can buy goods in a shop using the Gold you have.

Sell - You can sell items you no longer need at 50% of their original purchase
value, or jewels you have found at 90% of their regular purchase price in the

Talk - You can use this command to communicate until the [down arrow] mark
appears on the screen.

Leave - You can use this command to leave after all preparations have been

Heal - You can use this command to recover hit points in the hospital.  
However, the cost will be proportional to the damage you have received.

Save - You can use this command in an inn to save the adventure record.

WARNING: Turn POWER switch off while pressing the RESET switch.  If you turn
off the POWER switch without pressing the RESET switch, back up (SAVE) of the
game has not been accurately completed and any saved data may be damaged.
Special Items for Battle

Provided the items have been acquired and the warrior is EQUIPed, the
following six items will appear at the bottom of the screen during the battle
scenes. [These are the white icons along the bottom of the screen]

Magic Sede
Magic Saba
Magic Glasses
Jumping Shoes

Current Hit Point (HP) Level [Bar above icons]
ITEMs will appear in this window after you acquire and EQUIP.
[Above refers to the number of current item remaining]

if you want to use any of these items, select the item using the SELECT
button.  Press the B button to use the item.
Main Characters

A Foreign Warrior - You are a foreign warrior who has decided to rescue the
Princess after reading the King's summons for help.  A mysterious and tricky
spell was cast upon the warrior by the Wizard, a spell not even the warrior
is sure about!

Princess - Only daughter of the King.  She was kidnapped by a follower of the
Wizard.  Your ultimate mission is to rescue the Princess from his evil

King - King of Faria.  He sent his soldiers to rescue his beloved daughter
and save the kingdom, but no one succeeded.  He spends his days weeping in
sorrow and defeat.
The Townships

1. Ehdo - Your adventure starts in this township.  Buy some equipment for
your adventure.  Go shopping!!  With the gold you have you can buy some
fantastic items.  Visit the townspeople; they are reasonably friendly and
can be very helpful to warriors who are out to defeat the cruel Wizard!

2. Somusa - You have to see the King first to get to this township.  Security
is tight when you have a mean Wizard on the rampage and monsters lurking
behind every bush!  With the exception of the Jewelry Shop, the items sold in
Somusa are not much different from the items found in Ehdo.  If you have found
any jewels, this is an ideal place to sell the precious gems for Gold.

3. Karuza - Once you defeat the Boss Monster in the infamous Gelve Tower, you
may travel to this township by way of an ocean voyage.

4. Highria - Before you get to the Broww Tower and the First Cave, buy some
equipment in this township.

5. Riria - The hospital in this town is very important.  This is the only
place in all of Faria where you can buy the Wonder Capsule.

6. Teodoor - To get to this town, you must defeat the Boss Monster in the
Second Cave.  Be sure to visit with the people of this township; they are in
need of a great favor.  Succeed at the great task that lies ahead, and the
good people of Teodoor will give you a sorely needed Translation Machine, with
which you can then communicate with the Lizard Man.

7. Tegza - Here you will receive a Letter of Passage with which you may then
travel to the township of Shilf.  If you have enough Gold you can buy the
Muramasa Sword at the Tegza Armory.  The Muramasa is the stongest and most
powerful sword in all of Faria.

8. Shilf - After you cross the ocean and walk toward the southeast, you will
come to this charming township.  You may want to talk to the townspeople and
rest a bit before going to the North Tower, which is located to the northeast.

9. Zellia - To get to his towship, you have to come back from the Sky World
and get the Magic Rope.  Your major activity in this town will be to acquire
the Crystal which would reveal the true Phantom Tower.

10 Beig - The last township to be visited in the kingdom of Faria.  This
township is the entrance to the Last Cave and the Final Tower.
Shops and Services

There are seven types of shops in the different townships where you can buy
or sell items.  Visit the shops regularly, for shopkeepers see many people,
and know much about important events in their area!

Inn - You can pause the adventure at an inn.  No gold is used.  If the
warrior is killed, the amount of gold is reduced by half, and the game resumes
in the situation in which the adventure was last saved.

Hospital - You can recover hit points or be treated after poisoning.  Gold is
required for treatment.  In addition, you can buy various medicines.

Armor Shop - You can buy armor and shields in the armor shop.  Use the EQUIP

Tool Shop - You can buy tools in this shop.  In particular, you should buy
the "Hyperspeed" item that will give you faster footwork during battle.

Magic Shop - You can buy magic and mysterious items in the magic shop.  You
cannot use magic Sede or magic Saba unless you have purchased the refill
magic for them.

Jewelry Shop - You can sell items at 50% of their purchase price.  Jewels
found during your adventure may be sold for 90% of their purchase price.

Mad Scientist Shop - This shop in the township of Shilf sells a fantastic pair
of Magic Glasses.
Exciting Places in Faria

Castle - The King resides in the castle.  The King is a regular tourguide;
visit him frequently for interesting news about what's hot in the townships

Gelve Tower - The warrior should visit this tower first to rescue the kidnapped

First Cave - Here the warrior may receive a Gold stone from the Master of the

Broww Tower - This is the second dangerous tower the warrior should visit.  If
the Boss Monster is defeated, you get a special Ring.

Second Cave - The warrior must pass through this dark cave on the way to the
townships of Teodoor, Tegza and Shilf.  Of course, a Boss Monster may be
lurking around the next corner in anticipation of your visit!

North Tower - This tower is located north of Shilf.  If you defeat the Boss
Monster who lives in this tower, you shall be awarded with a pair of Sky Shoes.

Phantom Tower - If the warrior defeats the vicious Boss Monster who lives in
this tower, a surprise is in store! Also, Hyperspeed 3 is located somewhere
in this tower.

Last Cave Area - This area is a complicated maze on the way to the Final Tower.

Final Tower - A Dragon possessed with the spirit of the Wizard lives in this
tower.  Thw warrior must defeat this Dragon and recover the famous Legendary

Lizard Man Grove - Here the warrior may be fortunate enough to acquire the
highly coveted Super Armor.  Remember that the translation machine is needed
to talk to the Lizard Man.

Lady Shopkeeper of the General Store - Provided you have a pair of sky shoes,
you'll find the entrance to the Sky world at the base of this mountain.  Be
forewarned, you'll find trouble around this spooky place.

Lake of the Mystical Goddess - Here the warrior may have the good fortune to
meet a mystical goddess and exchange an old arrow for an Arrow of Gold.  Save
the people of Ehdo from a deadly illness, before searching for the mystical

Ocean Ports - These ports are ideal places to obtain passage on ships sailing
to hard to reach places.  Make certain that you have the necessary papers for
traveling, as well as Gold for your passage!

Sky World - This is a mysterious and dangerous world in the kingdom of Faria.
There is only one correct exit from here.  If you choose wisely, you may find
the Magic Rope.  If you choose poorly, you will have to repeat the Sky World
adventure from the beginning.
Adventure Information

People in Town - Even though the Wizard is ravaging the Kingdom and terrorizing
the townspeople, the people of Faria are goodnatured and are willing to assist
you in your quest.  Meet with them frequently, for they have much to tell you.

Attack by Monsters - The warrior must fight with many monsters.  You should be
aware of the three ways in which monsters may attack.

Attack by Parapo Beam - A monster blows a high concentration of
paralyzing potion as a method of attack.  If attacked in this manner,
the warrior will not be able to move for a certain period of time.  To
recover from this attack, use the Parapo medicine.

Attack by Poison - If the warrior is attacked with poison, the warrior
must be treated in a hospital, or may use one of the four types of
antidote (see List of Items).

Attack by Invisible Monsters - If you have a pair of Magic Glasses,
then invisible monsters can be seen!
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List of Items


There are nine types of swords.  You must have a sword to fight against any
enemies.  Always try to purchase the best sword possible.

Knife - The Knife is available in the first township.

Dirk - The Dirk is also available in the first township. It is a little more
expensive than the Knife, but it has more fighting power.  A better buy than
the Knife.

Iron Sword - The Iron Sword has the fighting power that matches its price.
Buy this sword as soon as possible and use it until you can buy a better
quality Steel Sword.

Steel Sword - You can buy the Steel Sword after you have entered the township
of Highria.

Scimitar - You can also buy the Scimitar after you have entered the township
of Highria.
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Fire Sword - One of the most powerful swords in all of Faria.  Its fighting
power is great, but the fire Sword is expensive.

Muramasa - The strongest and most lethal sword in Faria.  This sword is finely
crafted, well balanced, and of amazing power, so its price is very high.

Paper Sword - Very affordable.  The quality and fighting power is incredibly

Legendary Sword - You must have the Legendary Sword to defeat the final enemy,
the Dragon.  A magnificent sword such as this is a worthy gift for a King.


The bows are as important as the swords.  A bow can inflict damage from a
distance.  But a bow has a disadvantage: every time you use it, you lose an
arrow.  Always keep count of the arrows you have left.  You can buy a quiver
of arrows at any armory.  The maximum number of arrows you can use is 250.

Wood Bow - Available at the first armory, along with the Knife and the Dirk.
You should buy some arrows to use with it.

Bamboo Bow - Its fighting power is higher than that of the Wood Bow.

Iron Bow - A standard, good quality bow.

Steel Bow - A useful bow, with reasonably good power; use it until you can buy
the Cross Bow.

Cross Bow - The strongest bow in Faria.


The defensive weapons include armor and shields.  The armor has higher defense
points; buy the highest quality possible.

Tunic - This is classified as armor, but it's not very different from
ordinary clothing.

Pelt Armor - This is more practical than a Tunic.  Hold on to it for a while.

Chain Armor - This is better than the Tunic or Pelt Armor, but its defensive
power is not terribly strong.

Iron Armor - This one has defensive power that matches its price.  An excellent

Steel Armor - The strongest armor made in Faria that can be had for a price.

Super Armor - Armor such as this is of strength so great that words cannot
describe.  Only a brave and fortunate warrior may acquire such an armor, by
befriending the mysterious Lizard Man.


As well as your armor, a shield is necessary to protect you from the arrows
of thine enemies.

Wood Shield - This is the only available shield at the beginning of your
adventure.  Reasonably priced, it will provide adequate protection from the
arrows of your enemies.

Pelt Shield - This shield provides slightly better protection than the Wood

Iron Shield - An Iron Shield has good strength and is durable.  A worthly
shield to possess.

Steel Shield - This is the stongest shield available, and it is quite

OTHER ITEMS---------

There are many items you can buy in the kingdom of Faria.  You may need
every item to complete this difficult adventure.  In some cases, you may
have to figure out how best to use an item.  Sometimes, just owning an item
can be effective.  The secret is knowing when to use them.

Light - An ordinary flashlight.  You will need batteries to make your
flashlight work.  Remember that batteries do not last forever!  A flashlight
is a necessity when you enter a cave.

Gold Stone - You must have it when fighting against the Boss Monster of the
Broww Tower.  The Master of the first cave may give a stone filled with this
precious metal to you.

Wings - With wings, you may travel back to any of the townships you have
visited before.  Wings are always handy to have.

Battery - Unless you buy a battery, the flashlight won't work.

Shadow - You may use the shadow to make yourself invisible for a certain
period of time.  No enemy can see you.  It is expensive, and it can be very

Gold Arrow - You need this to kill a certain powerful monster.  You may get
this rare arrow from the Mystical Goddess of the Lake.

Bomb - Bombs are not easy to use, since they don't explode immediately.  But
they are very powerful if they strike an enemy and explode.  You can carry a
maximum of 250 bombs. When you buy a Bomb, the number of Bombs that you have
will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Capsule (Wonder Capsule) - The only wonder antidote in Faria. You can buy it
in the hospital located in the township of Riria.

Magic Sede - You can use this magic to attack enemies in front of you.  you
can carry of maximum of 250 Sede at one time.  When you buy the magic and
equip yourself with it, the amount of magic that you have will be displayed
at the bottom of the screen during battle scenes.

Magic Glasses - These are sold only in the township of Shilf.  With the magic
Glasses, you can see things you couldn't see otherwise.

Jewel - This does not help you at all in fighting against enemies, but it
does have one merit.  Unlike other items, if found you may sell the jewels
for 90% of the suggested retail price.

Seed (Mysterious Seed) - If you defeat the Boss Monster in the Tower of
Broww, the people of the township of Highria may reward you with this
mysterious Seed.  You will need the mysterious Seed to get to the township
of Riria.

Sky Shoes - You may obtain these astoundings shoes if you are capable of
defeating the Boss Monster who lives within the North Tower.  See the Lady
Shopkeeper who works at the general store near the foot of a large mountain.
She will send you up to the Sky World.

Crystal - Using the Crystal will reveal the truth.  You must possess the
Crystal of Truth to enter the Phantom Tower.  If, in your journey, you
wander into the township Zellia, visit the wise old Master.  If he finds you
a worthy candidate, he may give you the Crystal of Truth.

Parapo - If attacked by certain monsters, you will be paralyzed for a brief
time.  This medicine will cure you and let you move once again.

Letter - The people of the township of Tegza may issue a Letter of Passage.
You will need such a letter to board upon ocean-going vessels that travel
toward Shilf.

Magic Rope - After surviving the perils to be met in the Sky World, only a
brave and lucky warrior may stumble across a coil of Magic Rope.  With this
rope, you can climb the cliff you couldn't climb before.

Magic Saba - You can use this magic to attack enemies that try to surround
you.  You can carry only 250 spells of this powerful magic.  The amount of
magic you have equipped yourself with is displayed at the bottom of the
screen during battle scenes.

Flash Ball - You can use the wonderous Flash Ball to escape from any tower
or cave.  If you use the wondrous Flash Ball with the Wings, your adventuring
will be all the more easy on the feet.

Jump Shoes - This pair of shoes can purchased in the township of Beig.  
Without powerful shoes like these, no living creature would stand a chance
against the Dragon who lives deep within the Final Tower.

Translation Machine - If you are kind to the terrified people of Teodoor,
and do them a great favor, they may give you a gift of a translation
Machine.  Translation Machines are very useful to have when talking with
Lizard Men.

Ring - If you wear this ring, little by little you will recover Hit Points
when fighting against enemies.  You may be fortunate to find a ring with
such great power closely guarded deep within the Broww Tower!

Medicines - There are four types of medicines: Balm, Salve, Poultice and
Exilir.  Each has different level of effectiveness, but all of them will
restore your Hit Pints.  It would be wise to carry much medicine on your

Hyperspeed - This is an important item.  There are three types of Hyperspeed,
and all of them enable you to move faster during battle.

Antidote - There are four types of Antidote: Red, Blue, White and Universal.
If you get poisened by the enemy, use an antidote to neutralize the poison.

Compliance with FCC Regulations

Limited Warranty

Special Guide Map Offer