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Ghosts'n Goblins (NES)

A Special Message From Captain Commando!

Thank you for selecting fun-filled Ghosts 'N of the
exclusive family computer games from the Captain Commando
"Challenge Series."

Ghosts 'N Goblins, created by CAPCOM...premier world-wide arcade game
designer...features colorful state-of-the-art high resolution

This high quality game pak is Licensed by Nintendo for play on the
Nintendo Entertainment System.

Safety Precautions

Please take the time to read the important instructions in this booklet.
Observing the step-by-step instructions and complying with the
warnings will be your personal guarantee to greater game
satisfaction over a long period of time.


1. Avoid subjecting this high precision game pak to extreme temperature
variances. Store at room temperature.

2. Do avoid touching terminal connectors. Keep clean by inserting game
pak in protective storage case.

3. Never attempt to disassemble your game pak.

4. Use of thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol and other cleansing agents
can damage the game pak.

5. For best results, play the game a distance away from your television set.

6. Pause for 10-20 minutes after 2 hours or more of continuous game playing.
This will extend the performance of your game pak.


Controller *1 Moves Knight in 1 or 2 player game.
Controller *1 Moves Knight in 1 or 2 player continuation game.

[Diagram of controller]

Control Pad
Each tip imprinted with letter to show direction of movement.
[Diagram of control pad]
Four Separate Action Tips
Pressing any of the four tips creates direction of Knight movement:
[L]Knight moves left
[R]Knight moves right
[U]Knight climbs up stairs
[D]Knight descends stairs or ducks down


Our beautiful Princess is kidnapped. Her lover, the Knight, armed with
five different weapons, must pass through seven guarded gates
to successfully rescue the princess.
The Knight needs your skill to rescue the Princess to cunningly maneuver
escapes from Hades, land of the enemies.
Press SELECT to move asterisk (*) next to title of game you wish to play.
*This button does not function while playing game.
START Button
Pushing this button starts the game you selected.
To Pause
Press START Button whenever you choose to pause while actively playing
the game. A pause one will be heard and game will be interrupted.
To resume game playing where you left off, press START Button again.
*Button "B":
Enables Knight to hurl up to five different weapons to destroy the enemy.
*Button "A":
Makes Knight jump and leap to avoid enemy attacks.
*Each Controller has a cross-shaped Control Pad. Pressing any of the four
tips produces separate action by the Knight.


There are 7 gates and at the end of each gate is an evil demon. Once this
evil demon is killed, a key will fall out of the sky. This key
opens the next gate. At the 7th and final gate you must do battle
with the Devil in hand-to-hand combat. If you win, the beautiful
Princess is saved.

When the Knight is hit on his suit of armor, he loses his suit of armor.
The 2nd hit kills the Knight. You control the Knight with a 4-way
control pad; to climb ladders, run forward or backwards, and to
duck down to avoid evil demons. The A and B buttons on the control
pad are used to A)jump and B)throw weapons. If you push A then B
immediately afterwards, the Knight will throw the weapon while
jumping. If you use the control pad in the down position with
the B button, the Knight will duck down and throw weapons.


Throughout each scene there are Jars which hide 5 different weapons-
Javelins, torches, swords, axes, and crosses. When the game
begins, the Knight is armed with a javelin.
Javelins- when thrown, they continue off the end of the screen.
Torches- when thrown, they form an arc and continue burning. When they
hit the ground, if there are two fires burning you cannot throw
another torch until one burns out.
Sword- same as javelin but with more speed.
Axe- they also form an arc when thrown.
Cross- when thrown they fly straight and stop the enemies' attack.


Our beautiful Princess is kidnapped. Her lover, the Knight in his shining
armor is armed with five different wewapons. The Knight must pass
through seven gates, each guarded by an evil demon. As the Knight
  destroys the evil enemy demons, a key appears from the sky.
This key opens the next gate.

At the 7th and final gate, your skill enables the Knight to engage in
  hand-to-hand combat with the Devil. Defeat the Devil and the
beautiful Princess is rescued.

Each time the Knight is hit with enemy firepower, he loses his suit of armor.
The 2nd straight hit kills the Knight. Throughout every scene
there are jars which hide the 5 different weapons for the Knight.


Bonus: found on the ground or will come out of the enemy's jars.

Bonus Points Earned

500 [Money Bag]
200 [Stone Soldier]
400 [Stone Soldier]
400 [Stone Soldier]
10,000 [King]


3-4 characters on each stage
*How they appear varies and some can kill the player.
*They appear when the player passes certain areas, jumps from
different levels, or shoots at the walls.


Points earned

5,000 [Yashici]
0 [Armor] The player has Armor
0 [Extend] Adds one more player
100 [Frog King] When caught, becomes a frog.
100 [Time (Inc.)] Increase your life by 30 sec.
100 [Time (Dec.)] Decrease your life by 30 sec.
2000 [Magician] The player becomes a frog when he casts his spell.


Points Earned

200 [Zombie] He comes out of the ground and tries to walk over the player.
100 [Raven] It stands on a tombstone and flies at the player.
100 [Green Monster] It shoots with its mouth open.
1000 [Red Devil] It moves so quickly that it can avoid your shots.
You need 3-4 shots to kill him.
100 [Flying Knight] He flies up and down. Since he has a sheild you
can not kill him from the front.
100 [Forest Ghost] It appears suddenly in the air and throws spears.
2000 [Unicorn] It attacks while jumping and shooting. He needs 10 shots
to be killed.
100 [Blue Demon] It comes out of post holes. After flying in the air for
a while, it attacks the player.
100 [Petite Devil] It comes out of the windows and flies toward the player.
It attacks very quickly.
2000 [Big Man] He guards the house. He shoots sideways and downwards. You
need 10 shots to kill him.
100 [Bat] It flies down from the ceiling.
300 [Tower Monster] It shoots out of both faces. When it's face is red,
you can kill it with 4 shots.
[Dragon] It consists of a head and 8 bodies. It can fly in the air and
breathes fire balls. You need 8 shots directly on it's head to
kill him.
Head: 1000
Body: 200
100 [Skeleton] First you see the head and then the whole body appears.
3000 [Satan] It moves very quickly. When his wings are closed, shooting
him will not kill him. He will die with 8 shots only when his
wings are open.
[The Devil] He shoots out of both mouths. You need to shoot the upper
face 10 times to kill him.
1st round: 10,000
2nd round: 20,000