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Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix

When you talk about cameos in fighting games, this game is way packed in this category! Here are some famous ones:
Felicia: Can disguise herself as Megaman, Rikuo (Darkstalkers), Sasquatch (Darkstalkers), Huitzil (Darkstalkers), Gamof (Star Gladiator) & Rimgal (Star Gladiator).
Ibuki: Among her costumes are Rolento (Street Fighter Alpha games) and Chaka (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure).
Chun Li: She disguises herself as Jun May Williams (Star Gladiator) & Jill Valentine (Resident Evil).
Gouki: He disguises himself as Leo (Red Earth/Warzard). Also when performing his Shun Goku Satsu the old way (Punch, Punch, Towards, Kick, Special) he parodies Guy's Musou Renge Super Combo! (Street Fighter Alpha). Lord Raptor's graveyard makes a cameo in Gouki's ending!
Ken: Some disguises are a soccer player (Capcom Sports Club?) and Hol Horse (Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure).
Tessa: In one of her costumes she disguises as Midler (Jojo's Bizarre adventure). Also when she is low on energy and she blocks an attack she summons Pao (Red Earth/Warzard) and uses her as a living shield!. :(
Morrigan: When performing her "Darkness Ilussion" she summons her kid sister Lillith (Vampire Savior).
Hauzer: The huge monster who appears on Ryu's ending is a boss character in Red Earth/Warzard.
Zanglief: His Leaping Bite super combo actually happens to be a parody of Birdie's Murder Chain super combo (However Zangief modifies the second part of the move by biting the opponent instead of slamming them on the ground as Birdie does!).
The Capsy soft drink (seen in Felicia's ending) is a parody of the Pepsi coke!. :)

Additionally you can find lots of famous Capcom characters on the game's backgrounds, some of these are:
Blanka, Dhalsim & his wife Sari, E. Honda, M. Bison, Cammy, Fei Long, Guile, Charlie, Vega, Dee Jay, Birdie, Gen, Sodom, Guy & Rolento (Street Fighter games).
Rikuo & Riki, Victor, Bishamon, Jon Talbain, Hsien Ko (disguised as Santa Claus!), Sasquatch, Demitri, Jedah (as a woman!), Donovan & Anita, Baby Bonnie Hood, Lin lin (in the game's logo!) & Huitzil (Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior games).
Chris Redfield (looking quite pale & angry!), the giant snake boss (that is trying to gobble up Rikuo!) & a few zombies! (Resident Evil games).
Helena (Street Fighter 3).
Vampire Mistress in Red Dress (seen in Demitri's stage in Vampire Savior).
Demitri's girlfriends (seen in his own stage as well as in his ending in Darkstalkers & Nightwarriors games).
Jun May Williams & Rimgal (Star Gladiator).
Don Tacos (Pang 3/Buster Buddies).
Pao & Leo (Red Earth/Warzard).
Son Gokuu (Son Son).

All of the death scenes that occur when a character is defeated are taken from famous old games, such as the Mario Bros. splash down the drain or the famous Final Fight/Double Dragon blink-out.

The long-nosed karate character bearing a halo that appears with Dan during certain moves is Dan's father who was killed by Sagat. The long-nosed karate fighter is a hilarious parody of Mr. Karate, aka Takuma Sakazaki of the AOF/KOF series, who wore a long-nosed Tengu mask in the original Art of Fighting when disguised as the final boss.


*Play as Gouki*
At the character select screen, highlight Ryu and press Left.

*Play as Dan*
At the character select screen, highlight Ken and press Right.

*Alternate ending*
After beating the game, hold the "Special" button before the credits appear to listen an alternate ending tune. Note: this trick works only in the japanese version.