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MagMax Story

A highly civilized group of aliens has conquered the earth and put the human
beings under the control of the Computer Babylon which has begun to kill the
human beings. In order to stop the aliens, the people developed a
transformable mechanical robot named MagMax. They also chose a brave man for
their rescue. The brave man is about to depart to the ultimate battle with
the aliens in order to save the human race.

MagMax is an action game fought with a transforming robot. The player can
transform himself into a robot, increasing the power as he builds the robot
to fight against more than 30 different enemies. Now get ready for the
ultimate battle against the gigantic mechanical monster Babylon.


Names of controller parts and operating instructions

Use Controller 1 for 1 player games
Use Controller 2 for second player in 2 player games

CONTROL Pad: Move MagMax
SELECT Button: Use this button on title screen to select 1 player or 2 player
START Button: Push this button to start the game. If you push it during the
 game, the game stops. If you push the button once more, the game starts
B and A Button: These buttons control the beam gun.


How to Play

You control MagMax, the player. MagMax begins as a body part, but as you
assemble all four parts. the robot gains power and begins to attack his
enemies with his beam gun. Guide MagMax through four locations: forest,
desert, sea and automated city. With the Warp Hall, you can also move between
the surface and underground. After you complete the battle in the desert and
the automated city, you will have to confront Babylon, the gigantic mechanical

- Control MagMax with the Control Pad.
  Attack the chasing enemies and other objects with energy beam by pushing
  Button A or B.

- Move up and down between the surface and underground through the Warp Hall.

- When you put MagMax's head and legs on, he becomes a robot. Each additional
  body part increases the number of bullets he can shoot.

When MagMax is touched by the enemy, enemy's bullet, and/or obstacles, one
turn is over. However, when the player has already attached MagMax's parts and
touches one of these objects, the parts will separate and explode, but MagMax
will survive. When all MagMaxes explode, the game is over.



1. MagMax: Player

2. Head

3. Legs

4. Wave Beam Gun

5. High-speed Airport: Machinery
   It launches cannonballs after a short stop, then it changes its direction.

6. Heavy Mobility Mechanism: Revolver
   After moving ahead, it plunges itself into the player.

7. Motionless Obstacle: Pot
   It is motionless and does not attack the player. You can destroy it with
   the wave beam gun.

8. Investigation Fortress: Rick
   It is motionless and does not attack the player.

9. Missile Fortress: Gilburn
   It is motionless. However, it launches missiles.

10.Flying Offensive Pot: Oja
   It moves in behind the player.

11.Mobile Underground Fortress: Liser
   It is motionless. It only moves vertically. When the player approaches it,
   it sinks down in the ground.

12.High speed Marine Boat: Jetler
   After drawing an S shape, it moves straight on.

13.Marine Investigation Base: Gippo
   It is motionless, and does not attack. You can destroy it with the wave
   beam gun.

14.Mobile Cannon: Sathern
   Floats up and down in the water. It also launches cannonballs.

15.Two-legged Walking Pot: Eaglam
   It goes ahead and approaches the player.

16.Investigation Mecha: Bigg
   It draws an arc randomly as it approaches you.

17.Floating Observation Radar: Balvara
   It moves across the screen and launches shells.

18.Winged Mobile Armor: Speeder
   It attacks with the wave beam in one direction, while faking an attack in
   the other direction

19.Transformable Floating Body: Combatler
   It plunges vertically right beside the player. It also approaches while it
   draws big and small arcs.

20.Heavy Mobile Mechanism: Bazarmi
   After moving ahead, it plunges into the player.

21.Underground Submarine: Mangler
   After stopping for a while, it moves around behind the player.

22.Underground High-speed Boat: Challenger
   It approaches the player while it draws arcs randomly.

23.Heavy mobile Mechanism: Dahl
   It lunges toward the player after changing its direction.

24.Underwater Disc Boat: Dromae
   It moves ahead after drawing an S Shape.

25.Underwater Investigation Boat: Bagos
   It blasts off after a short stop. Then it changes its direction.

26.Heavy Mobile Mechanism: Sneaky
   It moves in behind the player.

27.Underwater Currents
   When the player touches it, temporarily he can't operate the direction
   level or launch missiles.

28.Two-legged Hopping Pot: Hopper
   It moves by hopping.

29.Life Body: Huma
   It draws arcs randomly.

30.Flying Boat: Wing Balliber
   It moves in behind the player after stopping for a while.

31.Investigation Boar: Beacon
   It lunges vertically alongside the player.

32.Mobile Base: Gaus
   It is motionless. However, it falls vertically when the player approaches

33.Rock Icicle
   It the player shoots it down toward the enemy and hits it successfully, he
   will gain points.

34.Multi headed Cannonball
   When the player destroys it, it releases black shells.

35.Underground (underwater) Volcano

36.Gigantic Mechanical Monster Babylon


Techniques for Ultimate Victory

- When both MagMax's head and wave beam gun are attached, you can successfully
  destroy the enemy.

- When you destroy the multi-headed gun with a beam, it will shoot black
  bullets. If you destroy the enemy with these black bullets, you will get
  bonus points.

- If you shoot rock icicles down with an energy beam and destroy the enemy
  with the falling rock icicles, you will also get bonus points.

- Watch out for the undergroudn volcano.