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Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust Gaiden

Blá blá blá dos tradutores...

Translation by J2e Translations, 1998
version 1.1


Luke Drelick -Japenese Translator

Anus P. -Script Formatting
-Manual Rom Hacking
-Title Graphics
-Font Graphics
-Script Insertions
-Pointer Calculations

Necrosaro -Script Insertions
-Pointer Calculations
-Utility Programmer

Bahamut -Icon Graphics

Whats New

version 1.1
-fixed the pallet to eliminate those highlighting problems
-translated that one word that wasn't translated before
  (thanks ballz)
-corrected a few other things

version 1.0
-initial release; complete translation


This translation contains explicict
language (including the all famous "F" word),
and is highly not recommended for anyone
who cannot handle the language factor.

This is NOT a result of our adding in
a few words here or there, but is infact
part of the translation directly from
the Japenese scripts!

and please do NOT ask us to tone down
the language because we will NOT do
so any time soon.  Thank you.


Nesticle is NOT the best emulator to use
for this game! Use the newest version of
FwNES for best compatibility!


Up+B=Uses Magic

the rest of the controls are fairly straight forward


The main text in Villgust is stored
in 4K blocks.  Also the way the rom is
it wont allow us to use any space for
the main text that exceeds this 4K bank.
So this posed to be a slight problem.
We were looking to expand out the text
but because of this restriction we had
to make use of the space we had.  Which
meant shortening the scripts as much as
possible, yet keeping in the whole story.

Then we get to the menu texts and items
and stuff.  Now this text was easy to
utilize the space we needed for it.
The only problem with this text is
each string must be an exact size.  If we make
some of the things stored here too big
or too small they will not display correctly
so we had to use a couple of those
doubled up tiles (you know.. like 3 letters
squished into 2 tiles on the font table),
but don't worry, it still looks great!
We also designed some Icons for the
weapons and Items to allow us to use
longer names for them.

Known Bugs:

There's always gotta be some!

Anyways, when talking to an Innkeeper,
the small window in the top left reads as
"Innk".  For some reason its displaying
the k from when it says "Talk" and we
can't get rid of it.  Another small bug
is some of the command selections are
not highlighted correctly.  This is
because those commands are longer than
the original Japenese commands.
And finally, after you win a battle the
characters who earn any EXP are displayed
at the top of the window.  And Since these
character names are longer than they are
in the japenese they will overlap each
other and don't look all that great.
You'll see what we mean by playing
this great translation.

Other Mumbo Jumbo:

If you think you could help make this translation
better in any way, please feel free to contact
us and offer your help! anyways.. have fun and
enjoy this great adventure never seen in english before!

Copywright notice:

Thanks for downloading our translation patch, and we hope you enjoy it!
after all, we're doing this for free!  If you wish to distribute this
patch you may, but you MUST include this text file here with the patch
that you distribute!

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