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Forgotten Worlds

Game designer: Akiman, Nin Nin, Poo, Mr. Kihaji
Softprogrammer: Youchi, Noriko, Takako, Nouchi
Object designer: Kurichan, Takata, Shinsyudon, Sintan, Emetaro
Scroll designer: Mikichan, Hanachan, Kuramoyan, Nouochan, Black man
Sound: Tamasan, Yukichan, No papa
Hardware: Kuchino
Mechatronics: Kamimori
Special thanks: Hustler Bam, Rattchan, Kakun, Poochan, Cbx.Yukio, Ota, Ito


In 2 player mode, when both
players are flying next to
each other a spark will
appear, boosting both
players' shot power.
There are many hidden bonus
items within the game
(armor, life, coins, etc.). Find them by
shooting around in different places.

Boss guide:
Paramecium: Easy. Aim for
the mouth in the middle
and avoid the floating debris.

Dust Dragon: Go for the
chest and exposed heart.
The Napalm Bomb is highly
effective. Beware of
his mouth and ribcage.

False War God: You can
either try and avoid his
fists while dodging his
teardrops, or you can aim
for his shoulders and
blow his arms off first.
Either way, the eyes are
his weakness.

Sun Goddess: Avoid the
falling debris and guns
that are on her ship. Aim
for the mask whenever
the barrier opens up.

Sphinx: First aim for
the head. Once it is
destroyed, a giant worm
will emerge and chase you
around. Go for the large
circle at its neck and
keep moving around the
screen to avoid it.

Mummy: Dodge its attacks. Don't
let it corner you. Attack
when it leaves itself exposed.

IceMan: Firs aim for the
crystals on his head.
Once they are removed, attack with everything
you got. Anything except
the laser should work well.

Two Sentinels: Just shoot
and dodge. Move out of the
way when they jump towards you.

God of War: Best advice is
to keep moving while
shooting. Homing lasers are
a big help. Try to circle
him while keeping your
fire focused on his wings.