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Mario Bros. (Atari 7800)

Pests in the Pipes!

Mario the carpenter and his brother Luigi are hopping mad!  The water pipes in
their house are blocked with pesky crawling creatures.  If the two brothers
can't get rid of them, they'll never take a bath again!

Getting Started

1.  Insert the Mario Bros. cartridge into your Atari 7800 as explained in your
    Owner's Manual.

2.  Plug a controller into the left port on the front of the system for one
    player; plug a second controller into the right port for two players.

3.  Turn on your television; then press [Power] to turn on your Atari console.

4.  Press [Select] or move the directional lever on your controller forward or
    backward to choose a one-player or two-player game.

5.  Press [Select] or move the directional lever on your controller left or
    right to choose a game level.

6.  Press player 1's fire button or [Reset] to begin the game.

7.  Press [Pause] to pause a game.  Press it again to resume play.

8.  During a game, press [Select] to return to the title screen.  Press
    [Reset] to restart.

Playing the Game

     Your task is to help Mario kick the pipe pests off the floors and into a
bucket of water.  Press your controller button to make Mario jump up and punch
the floor (and the pest) above him.  Move the directional lever on your
controller left or right to make Mario run into stunned pests to kick them.  
Press your controller button while Mario is running to make him jump from
floor to floor.
     Mario starts the game with three lives.  Each time he kicks a pest off a
floor, you earn points.  If an active pest or a fireball catches Mario, he
loses a life.  When all the pests are knocked off, the next phase begins.
     You earn an extra life at 20,000 points.  Scores and the number of lives
remaining appear at the top of the screen.  The high score appears in the top
center.  The phase you're playing appears in the bottom left corner of the
     A coin spurts out of a waterpipe each time Mario kicks a pest off the
floor.  Make Mario run into the coin or punch it from below to earn 800 bonus
     The POW switch appears near the bottom center of the screen.  When Mario
hits the switch, it delivers a punch to all pests on the screen.  You can use
the POW switch three times before it disappears.  You receive a new POW switch
in rounds 8 and 13, and every fifth round after that.
     The game ends when Mario loses all his lives.  Press [Reset] or the fire
button to begin a new game.

Coin Phase

     At certain times during the game, the pests disappear and a coin phase
begins.  The screen is filled with dangling coins.  Mario has only a few
seconds to grab as many coins as possible.  Every coin Mario gets earns 800
bonus points.  A timer at the top fo teh screen counts down the seconds:  20
seconds for each coin phase.  Extra points are awarded if Mario gets all the
coins before the time expires.

Two-Player Game

     In two-player games, one player is Mario and the other player is Luigi.  
Luigi plays the game the same way Mario does.  You can work as a team, with
one player punching the pests and the other player kicking them off the floor.
     Or you can compete with each other for the highest score.  If you do,
watch out for sneak attacks--your opponent may punch a pest back on its feet
just as you're about to kick it off the floor!

The Pests

     Knocking off a pest is a two-part maneuver.  First punch the floor
directly beneath a pest to flip it onto its back.  The jump up to the floor
and kick the stunned pest off the floor before he recovers.

  Eliminate Shellcreepers by punching them one from below and then
          kicking them off teh floor before they can get away.

    At the first punch, Sidesteppers become enraged and start moving
          faster.  Punch them again to flip them over; then kick them off the

 Fighterflies hop from one section of the floor to another.  The only
          time Mario or Luigi can flip one over is when it's touching the

 In higher levels Slipice appears.  He's a man iceman who freezes
          floors into slippery ice.  Punch him from below to keep him from
          chilling the floors.

Fireballs can fry Mario and Luigi to a crisp.  Avoid fireballs by
          jumping over them or by jumping to another level.  Punch fireballs
          to destroy them.

Plumbing Tips

*  Use your POW switch when more than one pest is on the screen.

*  Watch out for the last pest on the screen.  It speeds up and is much harder
   to punch.

*  Hit a Sidestepper twice quickly.  If you're fast, you can flip it over
   before it scurries off to a different floor.

*  Punch pests near the edge of a floor so they fall to the level you are on.


Here's how to earn points:

     Kick a pest off the floor............800 points
Kick multiple pests off the floor quickly:
     1st pest.............................800 points
     2nd pest............................1600 points
     3rd pest............................2400 points
     4th pest............................3200 points
     Get or punch a coin..................800 points
     Punch Slipice........................500 points
     Punch green fireball.................200 points
     Punch orange fireball...............1000 points
     Punch a pest..........................10 points