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Nome Categorias Fabricantes Ano Sistema
All-American Championship Football THQ, Malibu Interactive, Malibu Games 1993
Bass Masters Classics THQ 1994
BASS Masters Classics Pro Edition THQ 1996
FIFA Soccer 96 (game gear) Electronic Arts, THQ, Probe Software, Black Pearl Software  
Fox's Peter Pan and The Pirates THQ, Equilibrium 1990
Hard Hat Mack (PC)

a.k.a. Hard Mac

Electronic Arts, THQ 1Q84
Home Alone THQ, Bethesda Softworks 1991
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York Imagineering, THQ 1992
James Bond Jr. THQ, Eon Productions, Eurocom 1992
Madden NFL '98 Electronic Arts, THQ 1997
NBA Live 98 Electronic Arts, THQ 1997
NHL '98 Electronic Arts, THQ, EA Sports, High Score Productions 1997
SeaQuest DSV THQ, Sculptured Software, Black Pearl Software 1994
Swamp Thing Imagineering, THQ 1992
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle THQ, Radical Entertainment 1992
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Imagineering, THQ 1993
The Great Waldo Search THQ 1990
The Great Waldo Search (genesis) THQ 1990
The Punisher (PC) THQ, Volition 2006
The Ren & Stimpy Show Imagineering, THQ 1993
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends THQ, Malibu Interactive 1993
Time Killers (mega drive) Vic Tokai, Incredible Technologies, THQ, Black Pearl Software 1996
Videomation THQ, Western Technologies 1991
Wayne Gretzky Hockey THQ, Bethesda Softworks 1990
Wayne's World (mega drive) THQ, Gray Matter 1993
Wayne's World (NES) THQ, Radical Entertainment 1993
Where's Waldo? THQ, Bethesda Softworks 1991