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Armed F

a.k.a. Formation Armed F

Pack-in-video, Nichibutsu - Nihon Busan, Big Don 1990
Aurora Quest - Otaku no Seiza in Another World [PVCD-3010] Pack-in-video 1993
Auto Crusher Palladium

a.k.a. Palladium

Pack-in-video 1994
Batman (msx)

alt: Batman - Rescue the Robin

Pack-in-video, Ocean 1986
Battle Chess (X68000) Pack-in-video, Interplay 1989
Battle Submarine [SHVC-A5LJ-JPN] Pack-in-video 1995
Bokujou Monogatari [SHVC-AYWJ-JPN]

alt: Harvest Moon

Pack-in-video, Natsume, Amccus 1996
Deep Blue - Kaiteishinwa Pack-in-video 1989
Die Hard Pack-in-video 1990
Die Hard (pc engine) Pack-in-video 1990
F-1 Pilot - You're King of Kings Pack-in-video 1989
Family Billiards Pack-in-video 1989
Hawk F-123 [PVCD-0007] Pack-in-video, Make Software 1992
Kawa No Nushi Tsuri Pack-in-video 1990
Labyrinth (msx2) Pack-in-video 1987
Military Chess

a.k.a. Gunjin Shogi

Mirai Sensei - Lios Pack-in-video  
Predator Pack-in-video 1987
Predator (msx2) Pack-in-video 1988
Rambo Pack-in-video 1Q84
Rambo (NES)

alt: Rambo (NES)(japan)

Pack-in-video 1988
Road Spirits ARC Co. Ltd, Pack-in-video 1991
Scramble Cobra Genki, Pack-in-video 1995
Space Camp Pack-in-video 1986
Super Rambo

a.k.a. Rambo

Pack-in-video 1986
Super Rambo Special Pack-in-video 1985
Sylviana - Ai Ippai no Boukensha

a.k.a. Silviana

Sylviana - Ai Ippai no Boukensha (nes)

a.k.a. Silviana

The Golf - Role Playing Simulation Game [MS-22]

a.k.a. Za gorufu, The Golf Course Collection

alt: Za gorufukosu-shu

Thunderbirds Pack-in-video, Activision 1990
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