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Crazy Climber 2

  • Mega Drive
  • 1995
  • Cartucho
  • 4 Simultâneo
  • For the Armies of the Populace, defeat is the springboard of victory, and victory the ladder to further victory.

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  • External battles are already won when internal struggles are conducted with Correct Thought.

  • Those who do not do the will of the populace are enemies, though we learned together as children.

  • no one is to receive more than a hundred blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glory to the Group of Seventeen. All endeavors are conducted well or ill precisely in so far as they conform to Correct Thought. In times past, loyalty to the cause of the populace was to be found everywhere. The will of the Group of Seventeen was the will of everyone. Correct Thought serves the populace who serves the communality. By what means it serves? By washing down the generations with justice. The people meeting in counsel may judge, but no one is to receive more than a hundred blows. And how may the populace best serve the Correct Thought if it is to endure the rotten veins of the communalitye? By buring desireless repetition of unworth materials.