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Mais uma história investigativa adulta de luxo, olhem que beleza a história que um OTAKU digitou no moby gaymes:

Tetsu Karino, a 3rd year student of Shiritsu Teito College of Arts, reluctantly promises his friend to attend a garden party being held by Professor Tsukishima. At the party, the professor and his two eldest daughters, Misuzu and Akimi, greet the guests, among them being many prominent figures. The professor mentions having a third daughter, Mina and that she is very fearful of strangers and not attending the party. Being suffocated by the overly refined party atmosphere, Tetsu wanders about the estate. He happens to glance upon a mysterious, young girl looking over the 2nd floor balcony of the Tsukishima mansion. The girl, whom Tetsu suspects to be the professor's third daughter, Mina, invites him inside. Succumbing to his curiosity, Tetsu enters and meets the girl in her room on the second floor. Despite what the professor said about her, Mina gives off the appearance of a very cheerful and sociable young girl.

Overhearing Mina's laughter for the first time in years, the professor enters the room and to Tetsu's surprise, thanks him and requests that he become Mina's tutor. Feeling that he can't refuse his request, Tetsu accepts. Shortly after, Akimi appears and calls the professor back to the dining hall. Afterward, she invites Tetsu to her room. As Tetsu walks off, Mina desparately clings to him in an attempt to prevent her older sister from snatching him away. Akimi violently shakes her off and the two proceed to talk in her room. Akimi apologies for the incident with Mina, and takes Tetsu to the balcony where she shows little restraint in talking about private family matters. Their discussion leads to Akimi advancing on Tetsu with an amorous look in her eye. As she leans on the railing, it suddenly gives, sending her plummeting toward the courtyard below. A wave of fear and terror surges through panicked party guests as they witness the gruesome spectacle of her lifeless body impaled on what was once just a mere ornamental candlestick.