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Akumajou Densetsu Dracula

  • Nintendo - NES
  • 1993
  • Cartucho
  • 1
  • FCE Ultra
  • arquivo temporariamente indisponível
  • Entrada JAPA

  • caixa japa

  • traseira japa

Versão japonesa desse classicozão delícia que é o Castlevania :)~

Esta versão é um remake da versão amarela feita pra o Famicom Disk System.

(1) This version has a name-entry option which allows you to save your game into a slot (something inexplicably missing from our version, if you ask me). Also, it features some different layouts in terms of candles, as seen in the anomaly depicted in the screenshot, and thus the power-up system it controls--Simon can collect morning-star symbols much earlier than normal.

(2) in this version, you can select a "normal" or "easy" difficulty.

There are two other minor differences here:

(a) strangely, when you complete a stage in this version, the heart meter drains more quickly for only a smaller boost to your point-total;

(b) it has its own Konami-logo pre-title screen.