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  • Nintendo - NES
  • 1989
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  • FCE Ultra
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Versão amarela do Castlevania III - Dracula´s Curse

There are plenty of differences in the Japanese version:

(1) Some of the main characters have slight deviations on their names. Strangely, Trevor's name is "Ralph Belmondo."

(2) The zombies look different--a bit drunkard--and the mad frogs and mummy men look different, too, while mud men are more animated. The leviathan also sports a slightly different look.

(3) Hunchbacks are replaced by gremlins (as you see in Super Castlevania 4).

(4) Instead of having his regular stabbing dagger, Grant uses throwing daggers as his regular weapon.

(5) The music is more instrumental (better) because of a chip called VRC6, created by Konami, that produces better digital sound in a Famicom game.

(6) Because his main weapon is already a throwing dagger, Grant can only collect an axe and stopwatch.

(7) There are timing differences in some of the enemies' patterns and attacks, and there's some different item placement for candles and breakable bricks.

(8) There are a lot of color differences in most stages and enemies, most prominently a green phantom bat, and there is significantly less detail in some areas.

(9) Water dragons breathe flames downward, too, and hold the attack longer no matter the direction.

(10) The boss mummies throw shards high and low instead of in wavy patterns.

(11) There are no skull heads, armed knights or robed zombies in the second quest.

(12) For the Dracula battle, you begin outside the keep stairway if killed--instead of near the pendulums.

(13) Disrobed statues in our version are covered up, and religious themes are removed--not so in the Japanese version. More noticeably, the cross in the intro bears rays.

(14) The text is a normal font rather than the gothic font used in our version.

(15) The second-quest and starting-ally passwords do not work.

(16) The "ally switch" sound differs.

(17) This version is generally easier than ours.