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Shining Force - Resurrection of The Dark Dragon

Hero Cards
A note on 'Friendship Cards' :

Friendship cards cannot be found in any specific location, and will only be
entrusted to you if you go out of your way to form a bond with that specific
character. In order to form a bond, make sure that you ALWAYS :

* Include the character in your party
* Protect the character in battle
* Make sure the character levels up properly
* Speak to the character in your HQ after EVERY battle

As the game progresses, these characters will start confiding in you, whenever
you talk to them in the HQ, sharing thoughts and stories. When they have
sufficient trust in you, they will entrust you with their card. This can happen
in any town, in any chapter, and will only happen if you pay them attention
throughout the duration of the game, although some characters find Max much
easier to trust than others do.

If at any point the characters stop confiding in you, then the trust cannot be
regained. You'll have to pay them more attention during your next play-through,
in order to get the card.

#01 Max                                                           [Chapter 8-2]
Awarded upon completing of the game for the first time.
#02  Mae                                                      [Friendship Card]
#03  Pelle                                                    [Friendship Card]
#04  Ken                                                      [Friendship Card]
#05  Vankar                                                   [Friendship Card]
#06 Earnest                                                       [Chapter 4-3]
Hidden in a bookshelf in Urbanatol
#07 Arthur                                                        [Chapter 2-2]
After the battle to find the Orb Of Light, return to talk to Arthur in
Manarina, to recruit him. He'll hand over his card as he joins.
#08 Gort                                                          [Chapter 1-2]
After returning to Guardiana, recruit Gort in the town pub. Once he joins your
party, visit his grand-daughter (in a basement near the center of town), to
receive his card
#09 Luke                                                      [Friendship Card]
#10 Guntz                                                     [Friendship Card]
#11 Anri                                                          [Chapter 2-2]
Search all the bookshelves inside Manarina castle
#12 Alef                                                          [Chapter 7-2]
Hidden in a chest in Prompt. Pick it up before going to Metapha
#13 Tao                                                           [Chapter 2-2]
After the chat with Anri in Manarina castle, search the castle for the madman
with the ability to turn humans into chickens If you've triggered the cut-scene
with Anri, he'll perform his magic. Once in chicken form, you can sneak into
the 'VIP Mages Room', where you'll find Tao's card hidden in a chest.
#14 Domingo                                                       [Chapter 4-2]
Once Pao re-locates to the other side of the Pao Plains, enter the town and
head to the 'Paopig pen' in the bottom-right (where you'll find Guntz). Talk to
all the of Paopigs wandering outside the pen, until one of them surrenders
Domingo's card
#15 Lowe                                                      [Friendship Card]
#16 Khris                                                         [Chapter 1-3]
After Khris' first battle (Battle 4), find her admirer, hanging around outside
the castle. After seeing Khris fight by your side, he'll donate his most prized
possession to your cause
#17 Torasu                                                        [Chapter 7-2]
Inside the room with the Prompt Elders. Search the room on the left.
#18 Gong                                                          [Chapter 1-1]
Egress out of the first battle, and go to the 'Mountain Hut' on the right of
the world map. Talk to Gong outside to recruit him into your party, and then
talk to the woman inside the cabin, to receive his card.
#19 Diane                                                         [Chapter 4-1]
Inside Pao town, hidden in the top-right corner of the Paopig cage
#20 Hans                                                      [Friendship Card]
#21 Lyle                                                          [Chapter 6-1]
Hidden in a chest in the far top left corner of Rudo
#22 Amon                                                          [Chapter 2-4]
Balbaroy hands it to you when he and Amon join The Shining Force
#23 Balbaroy                                                      [Chapter 2-4]
Hidden in a bookshelf in Shade Abbey. Pick it up after first meeting Amon, but
before the battle where you meet Balbaroy
#24 Kokichi                                                       [Chapter 3-2]
Find Kokichi in Bustoke, and watch his demonstration of Guntz' steam suit.
After the demonstration, talk to Kokichi's assistant, to receive his card
#25 Bleu                                                          [Chapter 6-2]
After the battle with Kane, talk to Karin, then Krin, and then talk to Karin
twice more. She should surrender Bleu's card
#26 Adam                                                          [Chapter 8-1]
Inside Castle Runfaust's entrance hall, opposite the stairs to the ancient
#27 Zylo                                                          [Chapter 3-1]
Examine the church sign in Bustoke
#28 Musashi                                                       [Chapter 7-1]
Description: Search the wall of the building with a door on both sides
Of the builing by the church in Prompt after you have talked to
King Kusko.
After escaping prison in Prompt, search the town for a note tacked onto a wall.
Examine the note in receive Musashi's card.
#29 Hanzou                                                        [Chapter 8-1]
Description: Hidden in a tree next to Runefaust inn.
Can be found after you have talked to Mage Mahato in the castle. (sacanagem)
#30 Yogurt                                                        [Chapter 4-1]
Inside the front carriage of the caravan located in the middle of Pao town.
Examine the control panel at the front of the carriage both before and after
Pao relocates.
#31 Narsha                                                    [Friendship Card]
#32 Zuika                                                     [Friendship Card]
#33 Mawlock                                                   [Friendship Card]

Villain Cards
The 'villain cards' make up the members of the enemy forces, and can only be
obtained during battle.

In each battle, one of the enemy forces will be holding a card. To win the
card, you have to kill that enemy with one specific member of The Shining
Force. This character doesn't have to fight the battle alone, they only have to
deliver the finishing blow.

#34 Rune Knight                                                   [Chapter 1-1]
Max must deliver the finishing blow.
#35 Skeleton                                                      [Chapter 2-2]
Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
#36 Marionette                                                    [Chapter 2-3]
Gort must deliver the finishing blow.
#37 Ghoul                                                         [Chapter 2-4]
Max must deliver the finishing blow.
#38 Gobgovitch                                                    [Chapter 2-E]
Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.
#39 Pegasus Knight                                                [Chapter 3-2]
Zylo must deliver the finishing blow to the Lv 14 PegasusKt in the top-right
corner of the map
#40 Laser Eye                                                     [Chapter 3-2]
Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
Final blow with Anri. Pao Bridge. (3-3)
#41 Silver Knight                                                 [Chapter 3-3]
Tao or Anri must deliver the finishing blow.
#42 Soul Eater                                                    [Chapter 3-E]
Zuika  must deliver the finishing blow.
#43 Elliot                                                        [Chapter 4-1]
Max must deliver the finishing blow.
#44 Hellhound                                                     [Chapter 4-2]
Guntz must deliver the finishing blow.
#45 Balbazak                                                      [Chapter 4-3]
Earnest must deliver the finishing blow.
#46 Master Mage                                                   [Chapter 5-2]
Mae must deliver the finishing blow.
#47 Dullahan                                                      [Chapter 6-1]
Domingo must deliver the finishing blow.
#48 Kane                                                          [Chapter 6-2]
Max must deliver the finishing blow.
#49 Mishaela                                                      [Chapter 6-4]
Max must deliver the finishing blow.
#50 Demonmaster                                                   [Chapter 7-2]
Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.
#51 Chaos                                                         [Chapter 7-3]
Adam must deliver the finishing blow.
#52 Ramladu                                                       [Chapter 8-2]
Narsha must deliver the finishing blow.
Would you have it any other way?
#53 Colosus                                                       [Chapter 8-3]
Luke must deliver the finishing blow.
#54 Darksol                                                       [Chapter 8-4]
Max must deliver the finishing blow.
#55 Dark Dragon                                                             [?]

Hanzou is one of the two hardest-to-find characters in the game. Having him
join is one of the more frustrating tasks in the game. However, it's still well
worth it, both for those in need of a good character, and for those
completionists who like to unlock every single little thing. In Waral, after
the first battle, follow these steps:

- Go to the castle, and locate the sign to the left of it. Read it. It will say
"Floating on the sea." This is where the next sign is.
- Use the small rowboat to travel to the church. Don't go inside it, however.
On the wooden supports, there will be a wooden sign. Read that. It says "Not
the bookshelf."
- Row past the buoys, to the island where you woke up previously. Go into the
pool in the middle, and row to the left side. There should be a sign that says
"A cross atop the spire."
- Row back into Waral, and enter the church. Search the wooden crate. It'll say
"Practicing a secret ninja technique. Those wishing a duel should search the
- Go back onto the mainland area. Go up to where there are fish lying along the
bank. Step onto the plastic-looking fish tile and face north. Hanzou will join
after a short conversation.

Phew, that was long. Do note that you cannot skip any of the steps. Not only
are there for the clues, it's also necessary to do them all in that order.

Now it's time to get another godly character. Musashi can be obtained now and
I highly recommend you do so. The first thing to do is go inside the building
north west of the place where you first woke up. Then read the second sign
from the right. Now head out and to the left of the exit is a sign on a wall
read that as well it should say fluttering. Now go to the exit and don't
leave but hug the left part of the wall and go around Rudo. If you leave then
just retreat from the battle and try again. Once you see a sign read it and
it should say The Boy. Now head to the house to the left of the exit and go
upstairs (there is a ladder next to the dragon picture) and search the lone
shirt hanging. Now head to the dragon statue where the water is in the middle
of town and search it to have Musashi join you.