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Space Invaders

Original Space Invaders
Designed and programmed
by Toshihiro Nishikado

Licensed by Midway for
production in the US

The game that started the
whole damn craze!! SI caused
a yen shortage in Japan. Many
regular produce and goods
stores in Japan removed
their products and converted
into SI parlors overnight,
complete with giant speakers
broadcasting the
"thump-thump-thump" of the
marching invaders. A classic
in every sense of the word.
Space Invaders was the first
arcade game to work it's way
out of seedy arcades and into
pizza parlors and ice cream

The SI phenomenon stuns
conservative adults who are
certain the games sour the
minds of their youngsters.
Residents of Mesquite,
Texas push the issue all the
way to the Supreme Court
in their efforts to ban the
illicit machines from their
Bible-belt community.

Tips and Tricks:
Space Invaders has a hidden
message. To see it, wait until
the demo starts and then press
at the same time the keys
right, fire, 1player start and
2player start. Press them
repeatedly as fast as you can.
After a few seconds a message
appears under the high score.
Trick works in the
original Space Invaders
machine and Space Invaders

To achieve higher scores,
count the number of shots
fired from your base. Begin
counting shots as soon as
each level begins. Fire 22
shots and then wait for the
UFO to cross the screen. Use
shot number 23 to hit the UFO
and you will receive 300
points. After hitting the UFO,
start counting your shots
again. This time, count to 14
and use the 15th shot to hit
the UFO. Once again you will
receive 300 points. Repeat
counting using the 14 shot
method until the screen is
cleared of enemies. When the
next level starts, repeat the
procedure using 22 shots, 14
shots, 14 shots, etc.  Make
sure you count every shot,
regardless of what it hits. If
your base happens to be
destroyed, continue counting
where you left off.

The UFO will not come out if
there are less than 8 space
invaders left.