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Captain America - Defies the Doom Tube

CONTROLS : Keyboard, Cursor, Kempston
 AIM : Dr Megalomann has given the President of the USA an ultimatum:
 hand over power to the mad doctor or see the world wiped out by a
 missile carrying a deadly virus. The Prez calls on the only hero
 available: Captain America. This is where you come in...

 GAMEPLAY : Your task is to infiltrate Megalomann's desert
 headquarters, the Doom Tube. This consists of three cylinders, one
 inside the other, each divided into several decks (levels) which are
 subdivided into quadrants (rooms). They are interconnected by an
 elevator, the Orbivator.

  The virus has, however, leaked into some of the rooms - some are more
 poisonous than others - and through the Captain has been injected with
 a protective serus, if a quadrant is too toxic it will kill him. The
 serum that keeps him alive is only temporarily effective but the
 ingredients to make more can be produced in the Converter quadrant.
  The Converter is activated by touching certain wall panels and
 placing sufficient quantities of Ying and Yang (the ingredients) in
 receiver plates. Ying and Yang can be obtained by blasting a doom pod
 found in one of the quadrants.

  You carry a nearly indestructable shield to deflect projectiles and
 nearly all energy beams. In some rooms, however, rotators are active
 and send out lethal beams. On destruction these rotators release a
 codeword which can be helpful in accessing later areas of the Doom

  If you can reach the final deck of the Doom Tube, you may be able to
 disarm the missile - but the game is played in real time, and you are
 given just one hour to save the world.

 COMMENTS : "If you want to save America, ... that's up to you; but if
 you want to do it by playing this game, forget it."
 RATING : 36% (CRASH #50, March 1988)

 NOW : Bad then, worse now.
 KEYS : Redefinable