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Rygar - Legendary Warrior

O Rafa fazia histórias de super heróis e, ao conhecer este belíssimo jogo no fliper, criou um super herói que imitava o guerreiro legendário, que fazia parte do grupo dos VIGILANTES :-)

At the end of each level, at
takes control and guides you
into the temple, pull
diagonally back and down on
the joystick. Do it right and
you'll get 10,000 points. To
my knowledge this works for
every level. My record is six
in a row. It's hard to time it
right, but it works!

A little after halfway through
stage thirteen (13) there is a
hidden bonus which can only be
gotten WITHOUT the extra which
fires straight up. You MUST
have the standard
semi-circular attack.
When in the right spot, jump
on the backs of enemies for
extra height and fire upwards
in a semi-circular arc.
Nothing will seem to happen
although it will make a sound
like you are hitting
something. After about 20
hits, a flag will drop which
is worth 1,000,000 points.

If the "invincibility" bonus
is gotten when having the 4
other bonuses, you get normal
invincibility (30 seconds)
-plus- 170,000 points.

A classical way of getting the
armor bonuses to appear is
just to wait...! Don't finish
a level without having gotten
at least 1 armor bonus.
Sometimes you can get 2 armor
bonuses in one level.

This is just a flaw with the
graphics. When standing beside
a rock, crouch and move away
from it, the player will
"hide" himself inside the rock
and will be unreachable by
most enemies for a short time.

This is not a cheat, but many
people don't realize it.
Shooting the question mark
repeatedly will turn it into a
shield. The trick is to
recognize it before you pick
it up, stop, crouch and shoot.
I'm not sure if this really
qualifies as a hint or cheat,
but it's quite fun and can
prove quite useful at times:

This only works if you do NOT
have the power-up which kills
creatures when you jump on

On the screens with the
dragons which fly overhead and
occasionally swoop down at
you, it is possible to "hitch
a lift" and ride on their
backs. Wait until a dragon
approaches from the left and
swoops down at you. When it is
at its lowest point, simply
jump onto its back. You'llfind that you will continually
"bounce" on the dragons back,
and if you nudge the joystick
in time with the dragon's
movement you can stay on it
until the end of the level. At
this point the dragon will
disappear and you'll be safely
dropped to the ground.
Obviously, this method means
that you miss all the bonuses
in a level, but it can be
useful to skip over levels
with many tricky jumps etc.