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Star Wars

Designed and programmed
by Mike Hally, Earl Vickers
and Rick Moncrief

The basic game engine for
Star Wars was converted
from a 2-year old space
game project called
Warp-Speed, which was
designed to develop 3-D
image capabilities.
The controls were adapted
from the controls used for
Army Battlezone.

As Luke's Tie-Fighter
zooms toward the Death
Star, players can barely
make out the words, "May
The Force Be With You" on
the Death Star's face.

Star Wars was the first
Atari game to have speech.
All of the phrases were
taken directly from the

If the player hits Darth
Vader's Tie Fighter 30
times, the player is
awarded 255 extra shields.

Tips and Tricks:

If on the tie-fighter dogfight
stage, Darth Vader's ship is
shot more than 30 times the
player is given 27 extra
shields. If you're really
lucky you'll get 255 extra
shields, but this is quite

On the Death Star run, use the
force to increase scores
tremendously. Don't start
shooting until the message
THE FORCE" disappears. This
means dodging everything the
Empire throws at you. You get
a bonus for doing this. 5000
the first level, which
increases to as high as 100000
on the higher levels.