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Bump 'n' Jump (atari)

(1 Player vs. Computer)

You're on the road, surrounded by a pack of cars. Anything goes! Bump
'em...bash 'em...crash 'em off the road...before they bump you into the
weeds! Jump over waterways and jump on cars to smash 'em! Watch
out for obstacles in your way. Keep driving!

For Your Atari* 2600 Game System

*ATARI is a trademark of ATARI, INC.
**BUMP 'N' JUMP is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc., used under
license.  1982 Data East USA, Inc.


You're at the wheel of the red car, cruising along at 20 mph. Step on it
and speed down the roadway. Come up on the other cars and bump
them off the road. Crash as many of them as you can.

Keep your eyes peeled for bends in the road and be ready to maneuver
when the road narrows! Swerve to miss center islands and
debris...jump to clear water. Quick reflexes are crucial.

Make it to the end of one roadway and you get bonus points. Then the
game automatically begins at the next roadway.

Whenever you crash, your next car takes its place on the road. The
game ends when all your cars crash. Start a new game and go get 'em!

Use either joystick controller for this game. Be sure each controller
cable is securely plugged into the back of your game console. Hold
the controller so the red button is to your upper left.

NOTE: The Difficulty Switches can be set to A or B. The game plays
 exactly the same on either setting.


When the game begins, you have 5 red cars. You're driving the one on
the road, and there are 4 others ready to roll. You lose a car each time
you crash! You get another car each time you rack up 40,000 points.


Use the joystick as the steering column and push it in the direction
you want to move the car. Also use the joystick as the gas pedal. Push
up to accelerate, push down to decelerate. It'll do from 20 to 220 mph!
Look at the screen to see how fast you're going.


Try to bump other cars and send them crashing off the road. Bump with
the front of your car and you lose speed on impact. Get bumped from
behind and you speed up. Your car ricochets any time you make
contact with another car. Quickly regain your course.


Make sure you're going at least 100 mph, then press the RED
BUTTON. Your car gets bigger as it jumps in the air, then gets smaller
as it lands again. The faster you're going, the farther you will jump.
Use the joystick when you're in midair to control your landing point.
You slow down on landing.

Jump on top of a car to crash it. Jump to clear water and to get out of
tight situations. Try some hot shot driving by jumping to an island in
the water, then jumping to land! (The "OK" on the screen means you're
going over 100 mph, so you can jump!)


There are lots of different roadways. Your challenge is to keep driving
as long as you can! Don't crash into the railings or around
center islands and road debris.

As you approach water, you'll hear a beep and see (!) on the screen.
Get ready to make a split second decision. Speed down the causeway
that runs alongside the water, (if there is one)...or jump to clear the

Each time you make it to the end of a roadway you see the number of
cars that crashed, bonus points, the roadway number you're about to
begin, and the season you will drive through next. (The scenery along
the roadways is a different color for Spring, Summer, Fall and
Winter.) Then you're automatically on the next roadway.


There are five different types of computer cars on the road. Get to
know 'em!


The skull car is really aggressive. It follows you closely and you can't
bump it very far.


The tractor is very heavy and cannot be bumped very far.


The dump truck sporatically dumps debris on the road. It explodes on


There are two race cars. One's green and the other is blue. You can
bump these cars the farthest.


When all of your cars have crashed, the game ends.  Now take your
choice.  Press RESET to start the game at the first roadway.  Or
press GAME SELECT to start the game at the last roadway you were


Select  COLOR to hear background music throughout the game. Select
BW to turn the music off.

You accumulate points as you drive through each roadway. The further
you drive, the more points you get. You also get 300 points for each
car that crashes. If you make it to the  end of a roadway, you get a
bonus of 500 points for each car that crashed! Get 50,000 bonus
points if you don't crash any cars during an entire roadway!


* Keep your speed over 100 mph so you can jump at any time!

* Steer your car toward the center of the roadway. If you're near the
side, you could get bumped off the road and crash!

* If you are about to crash...jump!

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