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Arch Rivals (NES)

Demon Attack (odyssey)

Marooned on the ice planet Krybor, you watch legions of eerie creatures scream
overhead. They hover ominously. Attack and destroy them - or be destroyed! Armed with
your Laser Cannon, you confront the  ultimate challenge: Survive!

Game Play Objective

To score, destroy demons before you and your Laser Cannon
meet oblivion. Earn extra reserve bunkers (chances) by avoid-
ing your foes' fire. When the last bunker disintegrates, the next
enemy hit will pulverize you!

* Your Laser Cannon has unlimited fire power
* Dodge left or right to avoid enemy fire while pursuing aliens.
* Accumulate reserve bunkers (bottom left of screen). You
  begin with 3.

* Each attack wave you survive completely untouched earns
  you an additional bunker, to a maximum of 6.
* For each hit you absorb, you lose one chance to defeat the
* When you have no more reserve bunkers, another alien hit
  ends the game.
* When a low flying demon is hit, a replacement immediately
  swoops in.
* When the high flying demon is hit, it is not replaced until
  the other one is hit.

Getting Started
* Always turn Odyssey2 power off before inserting or removing a cartridge.
* Place cartridge, label facing the keyboard, in the slot on the computer
  console. Turn power on.
* When the "Select Game" appears on your screen, press any
  of the numeric keys on the top row of the keyboard for the
  game desired (see Game Variations).
  * Game play begins immediately.
* To play the same game option again after the game is over,
  press the action button.
* To select a new game, press RESET, and select game
  number desired.

Hand Controls
* Your joystick controller allows you to maneuver the Laser
  Cannon. Position controller so that the red action button
  rests in the upper left hand corner.
* To move the Laser Cannon left or right, push the joystick
  left, or right.
* To fire: Press red button.
* 1-player versions: use left hand controller. Game Variations:

            1 player   2 player          Description
Game #           0          1         Basic Demon Attack
                 2          3         Tracer Shot
                 4          5         Advanced Demon Attack
                 6          7         Advanced Tracer Shot
                            8         Special Co-op Version
                            9         Special Co-op Version
                                      with Tracer Shot

1 Player Games

Game 0 and 4 are Demon Attack with direct Laser Cannon
shots. Games 2 and 6 feature special tracer shots. This allows
you to control a shot, after it is fired, by moving the Laser Can-
non in the direction you wish the shot to go.

2 Player Games

Match your wits against more than waves of winged warriors!
Games l, 3, 5, and 7 are for two players.

* takes on similar waves of demons.
* Maneuvers a separate Laser Cannon.
       player 1:  red cannon
       player 2:  blue cannon
* has own reserve bunkers.
* retains a separate score in the lower right hand corner,
  matching the color of the player's Laser Cannon.
* At the end of the game, each player's score briefly ap-
  pears, keyed to their Laser Cannon color.
* Play alternates between players at the end of each wave.
* If both players survive the assault, they proceed to the next
* If one player loses all reserve bunkers and gets vaporized,
  the other continues defying the demons.
* Games 5 and 7 feature special tracer shots.

Co-op Games

Games 8 and 9 allow two players to take turns against the
same wave of attack.
* Control of the Laser Cannon alternates between you and
  your partner every four seconds. Keep track of your
* Independent scores appear on the screen, keyed to cannon
  color.*You share reserve bunkers; when they're gone, another
  blast ends the game.
    Game 8: uses standard weaponry
    Game 9: uses tracer shots.
* If you are hit in games 8 or 9, your "partner" scores an
  additional 1500 points.

                                  Split         Diving
 Wave           Demon             Demons        Demons
1,2               10               --            --
3,4               15               --            --
5,6               20               40            80
7,8               25               50           100
9,10              30               60           120
11,12+            35               70           140

Special Note:

You may notice that cannonfire disappears briefly as it crosses mid-screen. This is
normal and does not affect gameplay.