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Bump 'n' Jump (coleco)

Bump 'n' Jump

Use with:

* Coleco's Expansion Module #2

* ColecoVision Controllers

* Super Action Controllers

* For One or Two Players

* Select from Four Skill Levels


BUMP 'N' JUMP is no ordinary driving game! There are
new twists in this road race that combines the bumper-
bouncing action of a demolition derby with the speed and
skillful maneuvering of a Grand Prix.

Maneuver your way out of a tight spot, then put the pedal to
the metal, step up to 220 mph and pull away from the pack.
Bump into other cars on the roadway to send them crashing.
Jump to clear water hazards or to vault over an opponent.
Land on other racers to earn points and eliminate them from
the competition.

Race through all kinds of roadways, each with its own set of
hazards. You'll travel over wide four-lanes, narrow cause-
ways and oddly jagged two-lanes. Watch out for dangerous
center islands, dirt piles dropped by the dump trucks and
small water hazards.

Coleco's Expansion Module #2 driving unit gives you the
feel of a real road race. Whether you're a driver of Indianapolis
500 class, or a beginner with a learner's permit, BUMP 'N'
JUMP has a challenge to fit your driving skill.



If you are using Expansion Module #2, assemble it as
shown in its owner's manual. Connect the module to Port 1
of the ColecoVision console or ADAM. Connect a hand
controller to Port 2. Turn power ON.

One-Driver Game

Driver uses Expansion Module #2 or a hand controller
connected to Port 1.

Two-Driver Game (Alternating Drivers)

Drivers take turns using Expansion Module #2; or Driver 1
uses a hand controller connected to Port 1 and Driver 2
uses a controller connected to Port 2.

NOTE: If you are using Expansion Module #2, it is useful to
use Pause to freeze the game until the new player has settled
into the equipment.

Driver 1 goes first and drivers take turns. Each turn lasts until
a racer is wrecked or a roadway pattern is completed. Play
then shifts to the next driver.

Choose Your Challenge

Press the Reset Button (Cartridge Reset on ADAM) and the
Title Screen appears on your TV. Wait for the Controller
Option Screen to appear. Press the appropriate keypad button
to select the type of controller you will be using.

Then the Game Option Screen appears. It shows a list of
options for selecting number of players and skill level:

Skill 1 is the easiest, just right for beginning drivers
with permits.

Skill 2 is harder. Opponent cars are harder to bump
--no leisurely Sunday drive!

Skill 3 is even harder! You'll need sharp eyes and
quick reactions!

Skill 4 is the toughest challenge of all!

Make your choice by pressing the corresponding number
button on either controller keypad.



Before the race gets started, use keypad buttons to select
the type of controller, the number of drivers and the skill
option. After the game is over, press * to replay your game
option; press # to go back to the option screen to choose
another challenge.

PAUSE Feature

To pause the action during a game, press * on your
controller. The game screen disappears and the theme song
continues to play. When you press * again, the game
screen reappears at the point at which you paused. There is
a brief delay for you to size up the situation before play
begins again.

When Using Expansion Module #2:

1. Steering Wheel: Turn the wheel clockwise to move your
   racer to the right; turn the wheel counterclockwise to
   move it to the left.

2. Foot Pedal: Press the Foot Pedal to accelerate. Release
   the Foot Pedal to maintain current speed.

3. Control Stick (ColecoVision Controller): Press the
   Control Stick up (away from you) or down (toward you) to

When Using ColecoVision
or Super Action Controller

1. Control Stick:
   Press the Control Stick left or right to move your racer in
   the selected direction. Press the Control Stick up (away
   from you) to increase your speed. Release it to maintain
   your present speed. Press the Control Stick down
   (toward you) to decrease to a minimum speed.

   NOTE: Your racer will coast at the same speed until it
   bumps an object or jumps. It then changes speed.

2. Side Buttons (Standard Controller):
   Press either Side Button to jump.

3. Yellow and Orange Action Buttons (Super Action
   Press the Yellow or Orange Action Button to jump.

   NOTE: On the Super Action Controller, the-Speed Roller
   and Purple and Blue Action Buttons are not used.


Seasons Greetings

There are 20 different roadway patterns in BUMP 'N'
JUMP. To complete a pattern, you must race through a
tricky, treacherous course! Each pattern begins on the road-
way and ends at the gas pump, where you refuel before the
next leg of the race. When you've concluded Pattern 1, each
successive pattern takes you through a season of the year:
spring, summer, fall, winter and so on. The upcoming season
is indicated on the scoring screen. Every pattern contains
different hazards, each more difficult than previous
ones. How far can you cruise through the year?

Players, start your engines!

The race is on! As the game begins, your red racer is at the
bottom center of the roadway. Traffic is heavy, with opponent
cars on your left and right. More cars will appear ahead
of you and behind you as you move down the road. Press the
Control Stick up (away from you) and your speed increases.
Pull it down (toward you) and your racer slows down. If you
are using ColecoVision Expansion Module #2, press
down on the Foot Pedal to increase speed; let up on the
pedal to decrease speed. Now that you have the feel of
your controls, you're ready to use your skill, strategy and
nerve to score points and leave the competition in the dust!

Bumper Cars

Eliminate your opponents by bumping their vehicles with
your racer and forcing them off the road. They crash and
you earn points. But use caution! When you bump, you can
lose speed. If you are hit from behind, your racer speeds up,
but you can veer off course. If you drive too near a border,
you can be bumped into it by an opponent car and . . . crash!

Racing Tip: Set up a chain reaction by bumping opponent
cars into each other, while you stay safe in the center of the
road! Would we steer you wrong?

Jump to it!

If you can't bump 'em--jump 'em. When your speed reaches
100 mph or more, your racer can turn into a magnificent flying
machine. Jump over cars or any hazard in your path. The
JUMP OK signal will let you know when you're moving fast
enough. Press either Jump Button on the controller and it's
up, up and away! If you are using ColecoVision Expansion
Module #2, push the Control Stick up or down to jump.

Your racer can be steered left or right even while airborne.
Land on an opponent to eliminate it and earn points, with no
damage to your own car. As with bumping, your car slows
down during a jump or when you land on a competitor, so be
sure to get your speed up again!

Racing Tip: Pull back on the Control Stick or release the
Foot Pedal to slow down during a jump--sometimes it's

Road Hogs

In addition to opponent cars, there are two other types of
vehicles on the road that pose a hazard to your racer. Dump
trucks drop loads of dirt in your path, causing your racer to
crash. Heavy, lumbering tanks knock you farther than you
bump them, and can send you into a dangerous skid!

Waterway to go!

When you hear a beeping sound and see the Jump Ahead
signal on the screen, be warned that a waterway lies dead
ahead! There's only one way to avoid ending up in the soup
--jump! Remember, your racer must be going 100 mph or
more. Sail over the water and try to land safely on the road
on the other side.

Stay alert, though! Sometimes it will take multiple jumps to
reach the other side, as there may be one or more small islands
between you and the roadway. Hop from island to island and be
ready to jump when you land! If you don't make it, you lose a racer.

Playing it safe

Surprise! There's an extra bonus, a special reward for safe
and skillful driving. If you make it through a season without
eliminating any opponent cars, you get 50,000 bonus

Racing Tip: Swerve carefully around cars when you're
going for the big points. Watch out for obstacles in the road.
Hitting any of them means a sure smash-up!

The End Of The Road

When all your red racers have been eliminated, your total
points appear on the scoring screen. Push the Jump Button
within five seconds to continue your game. If you are using
ColecoVision Expansion Module #2, push the Control
Stick up or down to continue your game. Your score returns
to zero, and you receive five new racers, but you'll
start the new competition at the beginning of the same
pattern you were in when your last racer crashed.

If you do not wish to continue your last race, press * after
the Game Over screen to replay your game option. Press #
to return to the Game Option screen and choose another


The Reset Button on the console stops the game and returns
you to the Title Screen. It can be used to start a new
game at any time or in the event of game malfunction.


To score points, you must eliminate opponent cars, either by
jumping and landing on them or by bumping them into
borders so they crash.

ACTION COMPLETED                    POINTS

Opponent car eliminated ............200-500
Jumping onto an island ................1000
Pattern completed bonus ..Cars eliminated X
Safe driving bonus ..................50,000

Points are also accumulated for distance traveled along the
roadway. A bonus racer is awarded at every 30,000 points.