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Nova Blast

Nova Blast

"Emergency! Nova 1 to Ground Control! I'm the last of the
fleet! They've all gone down!"

"We read you, Nova 1. Are the Capsulated Cities still Intact?"

"Affirmative. But air enemies and Water Walkers are moving in."

"Status of Nova 1. Any damage?"

"I can take about six more hits, Ground Control."

"Proceed on course, Nova 1. Save our Capsulated Cities at all
costs! You're our last hope. Over."

I read you loud and clear, Ground Control. Over and out."


* Protect the four Capsuled Cities from waves of Flying
  Fighters and Water Walkers.
* Avoid collisions with, as well as shots from, enemy ships.
  *  The game ends if enemy fire destroys all four cities, or
     if Nova 1 is damaged by too many hits or collisions.


* With power off, insert the cartridge with the label facing
  forward. Turn power on.
* When the NOVA BLAST title appears, select game skill level
  (key 4, 5, or 6).
* To begin game action, Press "*"


KEY 4 Beginner        Cadet
    5 Intermediate    Captain
    6 Expert          Admiral

The higher your rank, the more flying squadrons and Water
Walkers you battle, and the more cities will be under attack at
one time. With each wave the challenge increases!


* To steer Nova 1, press joystick in the desired direction of travel.
* The joystick also controls the thrust of Nova 1.
   *  Lean the joystick to speed Nova 1 up to maximum acceleration.
   *  When the joystick is released, Nova 1 slows down to a stop.


* You have unlimited use of two types of ammunition: lasers and bombs.


* Use lasers to destroy airborne Flying Fighters.
  * To fire lasers, press the right side button.
  * For continuous fire, keep the laser button pressed.


* Drop bombs on Water Walkers to prevent them from
  destroying Capsuled Cities. . .and you!
  * To release a bomb, press the left side button.


* As each wave begins, 8 black squares appear on your
  instrument panel, 4 on each side of the Surface Scanner.
  These are your Damage Indicators.
  * For each collision or shot suffered by Nova 1 one
    Damage Indicator disappears.
  * When the last Damage Indicator disappears, the game ends.


* It takes eight enemy hits to destroy a capsule. Once the
  capsule is down, another enemy hit will destroy the city.
  * With each hit, the capsule changes color. Learn to recognize
    capsule strength by color.


* If a city loses its protective capsule, you can beam a shield
  over it if you have enough energy in reserve to do so.
* Stop Nova 1 directly over the city.
* Press and hold the left side button until a shield appears over the city.
  * The more energy you beam onto a city, the more hits that capsule
    will endure.
  * Beaming a shield over a city uses shield energy. You may need to
    refuel soon!


* Watch the Shield Energy Indicator on the lower left side of
  your instrument panel.
  * Position Nova l directly over the Energy Depot.
  * Press and hold the left side button to beam energy aboard.
  * Watch the rotating bar on the Energy Depot. As energy runs
    down, the bar spins more slowly. Energy in an Energy Depot has
    been exhausted when the bar stops spinning and the energy beam
    from Nova 1 is replaced by falling bombs.
    * Energy Depots will regenerate energy as long as some
      reserves remain.
* Energy beamed aboard evaporates after a while, even if you do not
  use it. Beam energy aboard only when you need it.

Using The Surface Scanner

* Use the Surface Scanner to determine which cities are
  under attack and need protection.
* Nova 1's flight "wraps around" on the Surface Scanner. If
  Nova 1 disappears off the right side of the Surface Scanner
  it will soon reappear on the left side, moving right.

Enemy's Plan of Attack

Flying Fighters
* There are eight types of flying enemies: Orion Fighters,
  Gravitines, and more. Can you beat them all?
* Each enemy has a different plan of attack. Once they have
  worn away and eventually eliminated the capsule, the next
  hit will destroy the city.
  * You hear a warning beep when an enemy squadron begins its attack.

Water Walkers
* Destroy Water Walkers before they come in contact with a city.
* Water Walkers try to destroy you by firing rockets. Avoid them!

All enemies in one wave must be destroyed before the next wave can attack.


For hitting an enemy ship:       100 points.
For bombing a Water Walker:     1000 points.

You earn bonus points at the end of a wave of attack for each
city that has survived.