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Atari! Ataaaahri Músicas Enjoadas de MSX


Game Program designed by Bob Smith

Dragons have driven the Royal Court from the Castle

"O we are lost, lost" laments the King.  "Without our vast treasures we
cannot raise an army 'gainst these accursed dragons.  Our Kingdom must
now languish under lizards!"

"Nay, not so, my liege!" replied the young Prince.  "None knows that Castle,
those many bridges and storerooms, better than I.  Give me leave and I
shall loot those lizards of their plunder and restore my lord to his

"Brave boy," said the King, fully pleased.  "But," he added darkly,
"beware dread dragonfire!"


To reach the King's treasure's, the Prince runs across the bridge.  He
must dodge fireballs tossed by Dragon Hatchlings.  He nimbly ducks under
the high ones and leaps over the low ones.  Fortunately, the fireballs
can't hurt the Prince if he runs back into the tower at the right end of
the bridge.

When the Prince reaches the left side of the bridge, he arrives in the
storeroom.  He's inside a hiding place he can return to any time.  The
storeroom is filled with beautiful objects--and a fierce dragon whose
very breath can cost the Prince one of his seven precious chances!

When the Dragon looks the other way, the Prince runs to each object and
retrieves it for the King.  And when he has bravely cleared out the room
of its treasures, a way of escape appears.  He runs to it and reappears
on the bridge, ready for another daring raid.

Help the Prince get as many treasures as possible, before he's hit by
fireballs or Dragonfire seven times!

[Image of the castle bridge.  The Prince is the guy you control.  The
fireballs are red and come from the left side of the screen.  The score
is the number at the bottom center of the screen.  The remaining chances
are the little men bellow the score.]


~ First, run to the treasure room at the left end of the bridge.
  ~ To move the Prince right, toward safety, push joystick right.
  ~ To move the Prince left, toward danger and the treasures, push
    joystick left.

[Image of the Prince running]

~ Watch out for dragons' fireballs!  They're thrown high and low.
  ~ If the Prince is hit by a fireball, he loses one chance.
  ~ To duck, pull joystick toward you.

[Image of the Prince ducking to miss a fireball]

  ~ To jump, press the red button.
  ~ The Prince leaps farther when he's running toward the fireballs, not just
    standing still.
  ~ The Prince can jump while he's ducking, to avoid fireballs that come
    close together.
  ~ To jump while squatting, pull joystick toward you and press button at the
    same time.

[Image of the Prince jumping over a fireball]

~ Cross the bridge safely and you will reach the treasure room.
~ Push joystick left to leave the hiding place.
  ~ The Prince can return to his hiding place for safety whenever he's in the
~ Move the Prince to every object in the room--but watch out for the Dragon!
~ When the last object has been taken, the exit appears at the upper left
  screen.  Move the Prince to the exit, and escape.
~ After escaping, you reappear on the bridge.  Get ready for another raid and
  another Dragon.  The treasures may be more valuable each time, but beware:

[Image of the treasure room.  The dragon is the monster at the bottom of the
screen.  The hiding place (entrance) is at the bottom right corner of the
screen.  The exit location (when room is cleared) is at the upper left
corner of the screen.]


~ The game is over when the Prince has been hit seven times by fireballs
  on the bridge or by Dragonfire in the treasure room.
~ Your final score flashes on the screen.
~ To play again at the same level, just press the red button.
~ To change game variation or number of players, pull Game Reset switch, then
  press the button.


Jug          10 pts  [Image of a clay jug]    
Lamp         10 pts  [Image of a genie lamp]
Goblet       10 pts  [Image of a wine glass]
Helmet       60 pts  [Image of a "viking" helmet]
Candelabra   60 pts  [Image of a four candle, candle holder]
Chest       200 pts  [Image of what looks like a house]
Harp        200 pts  [Image of a harp]
Diamond     400 pts  [Image of a diamond]
Crown       400 pts  [Image of a crown]


Pull Game Select Switch to set variation:

|             |             |                                           |
|  Selection  |  Number of  |  You Start With. . .                      |
|  Displayed  |   Players   |                                           |
|             |             |                                           |
|   1     1   |      1      |  DRAGON #1 (green and mean, but slow)     |
|   1     2   |      2      |                                           |
|             |             |                                           |
|   2     1   |      1      |  DRAGON #3 (blue, and getting smarter)    |
|   2     2   |      2      |                                           |
|             |             |                                           |
|   3     1   |      1      |  DRAGON #5 (red, and very mad)            |
|   3     2   |      2      |                                           |
|             |             |                                           |
|   4     1   |      1      |  DRAGON #7 (orange, smart, mad and fast)  |
|   4     2   |      2      |                                           |

~ 1 Player games:  Take as many objects as you can until your 7 lives are
~ 2 Player games:  Opponents use different joystick controllers and take
  alternate turns.  Each player's turn continues until his prince clears
  out the treasure room and escapes.
  ~ Players will find different treasures, but the same Dragon.
  ~ Left player takes the first turn.
  ~ Left player's score is black; the right player's is red.
  ~ Scores flash alternately at the end of the game, when players have
    each used all 7 chances.


~ Don't spend any more time on the bridge than you have to.  Cross it as
  fast as you can and you'll encounter fewer fireballs.
~ If you face an impossible combination of fireballs on the bridge, run
  back to the right tower if you can make it in're safe
  there.  Or make the Prince squeeze through close-trailing fireballs by
  jumping from a crouch (pull joystick and press button at the same time).
~ In the treasure room, run fast to the objects.  KEEP MOVING!  Return to the
  hiding place if you need a rest, because the Dragon never stops hunting.

And of course, this game was made by IMAGIC in 1982.  This game manual
was typed in by me!  Who am I?  I am Eddie Beiles.  I can be reached at if you have any questions about this game
manual.  Or you can email me ant thank me for typing it in.  Anyway,
enjoy the game and this wonderfully typed in manual.         3/25/95