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Galactic guidebook



In the beginning

Far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far away. Really far away. So far
away, that it is difficult to imagine... In fact, it is downright difficult to
believe. A place so far, in fact, that it lies on one side of the universe
while we on Earth exist on the other. That's far.

In this faraway land one of the more popular and peaceful places to live in
the Universe was within the Galactic Federation in the solar system of IOTA

Over a great deal of time, the Galactic Federation created a series of
synthetic solar systems based upon artificially-made Stars. All of these
synthetic solar systems were very hip, upscale and prosperous in comparison to
the Universal economy.

When it came to solar systems, IOTA Synthetica was the hippest of the hip, the
uppest of the up... the coolest of the cool. Until one day a strange sort of
cosmic energy field engulfed IOTA Synthetica, consuming all life. The most
ridiculous things were happening. The people of IOTA Synthetica were no longer
safe - not even in their own homes. This evil energy field mysteriously
brought ordinary inanimate objects to live and changed seemingly harmless
animals into oversized rabid creatures! Virtually overnight, everyday
household items, plants, animals, and products produced within the factories
started attacking all the inhabitants of the IOTA Synthetica Solar System.

The Galactic Federation, realizing the problems was far too big for them, has
summoned Commander Gun-Nac, Son of the Legendary Xan, as their only hope to
save IOTA Synthetica from destruction by this totally bizarre cosmic force.

Commander Gun-Nac, a renegade by nature, is often difficult to find as he is
constantly traveling in his spare time from Galaxy to Galaxy on his quest to
become the greatest Video Game Player of the Universe... An endeavor we at
ASCII hold in high esteem. So as a public service message, we are publishing
an official copy of the Galactic Federation's official order for Commander
Gun-Nac to report to duty and fulfill his assignment.

| Official orders
| Galactic Federation Unlimited
| Ministry of Defense
| Quadrant: Alpha Control Biosphere
| Lasertrans: 714/373/2054
| Supreme Directive PIH-DR3-COPB
| To: Commandant Gun-Nac
| Code: Red
| Mission: Destroy mysterious cosmic energy field present in vicinity of Iota
|          Synthetica Solar System
| Objectives:
| - INFILTRATE all eight planetary areas.
| - ELIMINATE dangerous objects and life-forms.
| - DESTROY all Boss Monsters.
| - Take NO prisoners!
| - Show NO mercy!
| The people of Iota Synthetica depend upon your every Success. May the
| Galactic Federation and may some Schmaltz be with you!

The truth of the matter is that the Galactic Federation is paying us big bucks
to produce this video game with Commander Gun-Nac's name on it. Think about
it... Wouldn't you buy a video game if it had your name on it? After all,
Commander Gun-Nac could be on our planet right now, checking out the Nintendo
Entertainment System. And if Gun-Nac was on Earth, walking through the video
game section of a store and saw his name on a game-pak, you know he'd realize
someone, somewhere is trying to get in touch with him real bad!


Getting started

To Start
To start the game, press the START BUTTON when the title screen is displayed.
The game will start at level 1 with no ricochet.

Game Play Options
Select CONFIG.SYS with the Control Pad to view the GUN-NAC Control Room.
Select from the following options:

1) Area Display.
2) Sound Check. Select the Control Pad and press the B Button to hear the
   different sound effects in the game.
3) Select the game level. Select one of the following levels:
   Level 1: Novice
   Level 2: Intermediate
   Level 3: Advanced
   Level 4: Expert
4) You may set ricochet ON or OFF at any level.
5) To prevent the characters from flickering while playing the game, you may
   choose *SPRITE HAS PRIORITY*; however, this may slow down the normal speed
   of characters on the screen.


Using the controller

The Control Pad
The Control Pad may be used to move your ship in any of eight different
directions. The Control Pad is also used when making selections on the title
and shop screens.

The SELECT Button
The SELECT Button controls the speed of your ship during the game. When you
depress the SELECT Button the numbers between 1 and 4 will appear to select
the speed of your ship (1=slowest; 4=fastest).

The START Button
Use the START Button to start the game from the opening screen. The button may
also be used to PAUSE the game during play and to activate an option from the
CONTINUE screen.

The A Button
When the A Button is depressed, the ship will fire a bomb. Also use the A
Button to activate a selection at the SUPPLY SHOP.

The B Button
When the B Button is depressed, a weapon will fire. At the SUPPLY SHOP, the B
Button is used to cancel a selection.


The game screen

1) Score
   If the current score exceeds the high score, the current score will flash
   and the new high score will be displayed on the title screen.

2) Number of Ships Remaining
   You will be given more ships when you reach a certain score or get the 1UP
   item. The game is over when your last ship has expired.

3) Bomb Type
   The type of bomb you can use. The item you received last is displayed.

4) Number of Bombs Remaining
   This number is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The
   maximum number you can get is 20.

   The item you received last is displayed in the upper left hand corner. This
   will be the type of bomb you will be using until you have collected another

5) Power Level of Bomb
   The maximum power level is four. If the power level is three or higher,
   the display will flash in the upper left hand corner of the screen.



There are five different types of weapons for you to use. If you receive the
same item twice in a row, the strength of the weapon increases by eight

If you do not have wings on your ship, the weapon strength can only go up by
three levels.

Multi-directional blaster. This weapon may be used to shoot backwards at
higher levels.

Screen Buster
The highest powered bomb. The circular blast blows away enemies instantly.

Search Driver
This homing bomb follows the enemy, but it is not very effective.

Dragon Napalm
This flame is very powerful, and can be controlled by movement of the ship. Be
aware that the flame shrinks when it starts to lose its power.

Wide Beam
This beam of light shoots through the enemy. At higher levels, the entire
screen can be covered. This is most effective when the enemies attack from
both sides.



Four types of bombs may be selected with the A Button. Up to 20 bombs may be
stockpiled. There are 4 levels, and the level is increased only if you get the
same type of bomb twice in a row. If you get a different type of bomb, the
level returns to 1. At higher levels, a wider area can be covered, and the
power number is increased.

Level 1: Least effective - Power Number=1.
Level 2: Medium effective - Number=2.
Level 3: Very effective - Number=3.
Level 4: Very effective = Number=2.

When the bomb is used, the weapon type is 1 at power level 1.

Fire Bomb
The ring of fire burns the enemy. If you stay inside, it shields you.

Blizzard Bomb
The wall of ice moves left and right. Move your ship away from the ice.

Thunder Bomb
The thunder lightning jumps around and wipes out the enemies. The direction of
the reflected lightning changes with the position of your ship.

Water Bomb
Rain falls from the sky and melts the enemy. There is a delay when this bomb
goes off.



Two star soldiers form the Federation, Garban-Zo (Yellow) and Liman III (Blue)
help you by giving Gun-Nac certain items. If you touch either soldier, the
item is yours.

Power-Up Item (Weapon)
If you get the same number as the weapon you already have, the weapon level
increases. If you get a different number, you'll get a different weapon with
the same number.

Power-Up Item (Bomb)
The stockpile of bombs increases no matter what symbol you get. If you get the
same symbol as the bomb you have, the bomb level goes up.

Power-Up Chip
The weapon level goes up if you get more than one of these.

If you get this while you still only have a mini-ship, your ship grows bigger.
If your ship is already large, the weapon level goes up by one.

You get an extra ship. Your ship also grows bigger if you still have a mini-

Enemy Eraser
Erases all the enemies on the screen, except the big boss.

Three $ per money bag. Use the money at the SUPPLY SHOP after completing each
stage. If you are hit while you still have a mini-ship, the value of the money
is reduced by half.


The supply shop

After each area, with the exception of area 8, you can buy things at the
SUPPLY SHOP with the money you have saved during the game.

1) Buy Weapon ($10 each)
   You can exchange the weapon or increase the level. You can also buy a wing
   to make your ship bigger.

2) Fire Power Increases ($6 each)
   You can increae the fire power to one of the 5 levels. The fire power
   depends on the type of weapon you have. The increased fire power is
   retained when you restart the game.

3) Letter Bombs ($4 each)
   You can buy bombs and send them to the next area. If the game ends before
   you reach that area, the number of bombs is reduced by half when you start


The planets of Gun-Nac

There are eight planets in the Solar System of Iota Synthetica.

A Moon city with craters.

Volcanos and hot lava cover this area.

Action takes place above the sea. Expect fierce attacks from the city on the
sea and the battleships.

A Dark forest filled with deadly enemies

Full of money, banks and safes. The enemy characters are all related to money.

Arkiendy Smith
Heavy action in the ancient ruins.

You must get through the heat flares from the sun.

No one has been able to reach this mysterious area. It is now up to you to
find out what awaits you.