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Karate Champ (NES)

Instruction Manual

Data East(r)


Data East brings you arcade realism at home!

Put on your black belt and challenge your friends or the computer through nine
picturesque settings to become the Karate Champ. Flatten your opponent by
deftly executing the kicks and punches at your command. Sharpen your martial
art skills through the series of karate matches in this super arcade classic.


1. Precautions

1) Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from
   your Nintendo Entertainment System.

2) This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that are
   very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it. Do not take it apart.

3) Avoid touching the connector, do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may
   damage the game.

4) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents.


2. Names of controller parts and operating instructions

Controller 1 - For 1 player game
Controller 2 - For second player in 2 player game.

Control Pad
Moves player on the screen.
Use either the A button or B button, or both, to execute the various moves.

Select button: When this button is pressed, the mark will move between "1
player" and "2 players".

Start button: Press this button to begin.


3. How to play

One-player version
In the one-player version, you are the white player and the computer is red.
You can expect the computer to get smarter and faster at the more competitive
levels of the game.

Two-player version
Throughout a series of karate matches at various locations, your objective is
to flatten your opponent as often and as quickly as you can, by deftly exe-
cuting the kicks and punches at your command.

Each match consists of a series of rounds at nine picturesque settings. Two
points win a round and two rounds (out of three) win a match. The winner of a
match earns the exclusive right to earn bonus points before the next match
begins at another location.

One round lasts for 30 seconds or until one player gets two points. The first
player to score two points, or the player with more (match) points when the
clock runs out, wins that round.

The Referee
The referee begins all rounds, and determines the winner of a round where
neither opponent has scored two match points after 30 seconds have elapsed.
the referee will award the round to the player who has earned the higher num-
ber of match points.

If the clock runs out and each opponent has earned an equal number of match
points, the referee will award the round to the player who has scored the
higher number of "score points", based on the value of his kicks and punches.
(See Scoring for the distinction between "match points" and "score points".)


Player moves

Move          Match Points      Score points
Lunge punch    Full              100
               Half               50
Low punch      Full              200
               Half              100
Front kick     Full              300
               Half              150
Back kick      Full              300
               Half              150
Round kick     Full              500
               Half              250
Low kick       Full              300
               Half              150
Foot sweep     Full              400
               Half              200
Jumping kick   Full              800
               Half              400
Jumping back   Full              800
kick           Half              400
Back round     Full              700
kick           Half              350


How to select moves

Right lever             Joystick              Left lever
A+B     B     A      -     -          -     B     A     A+B
Round Back  Lunge    -     -          -   Lunge Back  Round
Kick  Kick  Punch    -     -          -   Punch Kick  Kick
Round Back  Jumping Jump   Up       Jump Jumping Back Round
Kick  Round Kick                           Kick Round Kick
      Kick                                       Kick    
Jump  Jump  Front Forward  Right  Withdraw Low  Low   Jump
right Back  Kick                  /block   Kick Kick  right
Low   Foot  Foot    Squat  Down     Squat Foot  Foot  Low
Punch Sweep Sweep                         Sweep Sweep Punch
      left  right                         left  right      
Jump  Low   Low   Withdraw Left   Forward Front Jump  Jump
left  Kick  Kick  /block                  Kick  back  left


Mastering your moves

Master your moves by playing a two-player game against an invisible person.
Your opponent's player will remain static, and you can learn the different
characteristics of your moves. Learn which moves execute quickly, which work
best in close range or long range, how to quickly move out of reach of your
opponent. You can block moves only if your opponent is attacking you.

Properly executing moves

To fully execute a selected kick or punch, you must hold the button down long
enough to register. Releasing the button too early results in a half-executed
move, and leaves you vulnerable to counter-attack.


Bonus screen scoring

At the end of each match, the victor has an opportunity to gain some bonus
points. Any one of three screens will present you with an intriguing challenge.
Knock down flying objects for bonus points.

If you survive the first challenge, you'll get a chance to do it again, up to
a maximum of five per bonus situation - unless, of course you get flattened