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Auf Wiedersehen Monty


Gremlin Graphics

Peter Harrap, S. Hollingworth, C. Kerry, C. Dooley, G. Holmes
Graphics by S. Kerry and T. Lloyd

1987 (released around May)

At heart a standard platform game, but packed with all the lovely
touches and animations that made the Monty Mole games such a
success. Very playable - easy to get started but difficult to do

Q, W, P, L, Space - left, right, climb up, climb down, jump
Symbol Shift - fly (at an airport)
3 and 4 together - abort
K - Music or J - Anthems (128K only)

Get to your Greek island haven, collecting as much money as
possible in the form of Eurocheques or by using objects in
suitable ways. Use air tickets to fly around Europe.

[back cover]
Poor, persecuted Monty Mole, who was incarcerated by the bastions
of the law for borrowing coal to keep warm, has escaped and fled
these pleasant isles. Lying low in Gibraltar, Monty's whereabouts
have been leaked to "Intermole", who are in hot pursuit!

[instruction leaflet]
Auf Wiedersehen MONTY

Can you help Monty in his last fight for freedom? He must flee
for his life across Europe, in an effort to raise enough money
to buy the Greek island of Montos. On Montos Monty will at last
escape extradition as no one else even knows of its existence.

Travel across the continent with our mole, 'acquiring' travellers
cheques and any other valuables on your way. Could Monty make a
few francs from fencing the Mona Lisa? Can our intrepid Mole
repair his car in time to compete in the Grand Prix? The prize
money could come in handy. The Mafia may help if he can avoid the
'heavy duty footwear'.
Romance awaits Monty in "Pizza" in the form of 'Mole Fatale", the
fair Juliet. Her heart begs to be captured by a daring Muscle
Mole - is Monty her mole?

Can Monty tempt the palate of the German wine connoisseurs by
delivering a very special bottle of Chateau Blanc from one of the
finest vineyards in France.

Collect the plane tickets at the airports to enable Monty to
travel from one country to another. While in flight try to nibble
the back of the other planes to increase your score.

When all the objects have been collected a complete island will
be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Then and only then
should you go to Montos as arriving earlier may seriously damage
your chances of finishing the game.


Q = Left  W = Right  P = Up  L = Down  SPACE = Jump
Or Kempston, cursor, Interface II Joysticks
use the "Symbol Shift" key at an airport to fly
"3" and "4" together to break.


Type LOAD"" and press ENTER. Press PLAY on the cassette recorded.
The program will load and run automatically.

Load the game with the command LOAD "" : REM MONTY, then pick up
the red flag-like object on the first screen. This will give you
infinite lives and immunity from the monsters.

The airport destinations are as follows:
Spain -> Paris -> Antwerp -> Luxembourg -> Amsterdam -> Spain
Moledavia -> Copenhagen -> Sweden
Bonn -> West Berlin -> East Berlin -> Yugoslavia -> Rome ->
Olympus -> Bern
Bern -> the non-functional (white) airport in Yugoslavia
White airport terminals cause you to lose a ticket when you press

The objects can be converted into cash as follows:
Take the football to Juventus
Touch the blue man in Amsterdam to convert the fertiliser to a
bouquet of flowers; take this to Pizza
Take the wine to Dortmund
Take the Mona Lisa to Itsa Daboss in Italy
Carry the tools to use the ski-lift in Austria safely
Take the bacon to Sweden
Take the steering wheel to Monaco

This is the third in the Monty Mole series, and was trumpeted as
the last.  (The sequence was Wanted: Monty Mole, Monty On The
Run, Auf Wiedersehen Monty and the Your Sinclair special Moley

Crash (issue 40, May 1987, p.34): 85%
"A fine continuation of the long-standing Monty Mole theme."
Your Sinclair (issue 18, June 1987, p.91): 9/10 Megagame
"A really top hole multi-screen platform game."
(YS carried a preview in issue 15, March 1987, pp.44-45.)


The game originally cost œ7.95; it came with a badge bearing a
picture of Monty in flying gear and "AUF WIEDERSEHEN MONTY
GREMLIN GRAPHICS SOFTWARE LTD" around the edge. A poster map of
Europe as seen in the game was available for  99p, together with
a hint sheet.

You can fall any height without dying. You can jump on to a
platform at most three squares above than that on which you
stand. Although it is difficult to do, it is possible to die in
such a way that you lose all your lives - try jumping into a
screen where you will land on water.

The purple bottles have one of three effects: none, reversing
left and right, or making you walk in one direction without
stopping. The cocktails have no such effects. It is possible to
collect the lager in Dortmund safely.

As well as making a map, you will probably need to plan your
route with care in order to finish the game, so that you have
sufficient air tickets at all times.