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Donkey Kong (US)

Donkey Kong was the first multi-playfield game. Was a quick replacement for an excess stock of cabinets for a poor game called Radarscope. Mario was given his name in the original Donkey Kong game (Some believe he wasn't named Mario until DK Jr.). In Donkey Kong, Mario's career was a carpenter.

Useless trivia: Mario isn't Mario just yet; Donkey Kong features the hero Jumpman. Mario received his final name just in time for Donkey Kong Jr.

A Donkey Kong unit appears in the 114 min movie WarGames released in 1983. In the 111 min movie Gremlins released in 1984. In the 90 min movie The Heavenly Kid released in 1985.

The Japanese version have the board in the logical order 1-2-3-4, while in the US version they changed it to 1-4-1-3-4-1-2-3-4. (PUXA VIDA!)

In the older versions of the game you can stay at the top of a ladder, and a barrel will never come down the ladder to hit you. They later changed it so that a barrel comes down most of the time.