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Romancia - Dragon Slayer Jr.

          CURSOR KEYS: move UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

  UP at highest point: Perform a double jump.
         of your jump  If you used the trainer patch you can perform the double
                       jump just by holding up a little longer. This is made
       optional so the game doesn't become too easy.

    Z: Swing sword or show next text.

       Hold Z: Throw sword.

  LEFT/ RIGHT + SHIFT: Select item.

SHIFT: Use item.

  ESC: in game -> PAUSE.

   F1: Change the game speed. Default is 5, 1 is the fastest and
       9 the slowest.

   F2: Save to/ load from (FM-)PAC SRAM.

   F3: Display Trainer options (only if the trainer patch is

HOME: Hold Home while booting to play the game in Japanese. In
       game you can press HOME to change language if you so

    6: Start game in 60Hz NTSC mode (very useful for PAL
       computers). Hold it until the Romancia intro screen

       SELECT: Switch ON/OFF the turbo mode (on all MSX computers
                       supporting a turbo mode).

In a far and distant past in a vast forest in the north, there were 2 small
kingdoms next to each other. The kingdoms were ruled by two kings, who are
brothers. The older brother is king of Romancia and the youngest ruled over
Azorba. Every day brought peace and tranquillity.

But those peaceful days didn't last long. One day, princess Serina from the
kingdom of Romancia was kidnapped by someone. She was taken away in the
direction of Azorba.

In the kingdom, young warriors immediately organised a 'princess rescue
expedition'. They went to Azorba. However, they've never returned since. Soon
after, a disease spread through Romancia and in various places all kinds of
disasters occurred...

One day, a little while after that, a young man came to Romancia kingdom. His
name is Fan Freddy. He's the prince of Ilsran and he's visiting various
countries. He lost his way in the forest called the 'Forest of Adventure'
surrounding Romancia and Azorba. In the end he reached the kingdom of Romancia.

While wandering around in this country, prince Fan realised something had
changed. He didn't see any young men in the town; all was calm and quiet.
People are shaking as if frightened by something and they're weeping. Moreover,
everywhere he sees scenes of struggling sick people who are in pain. Gradually
he wants to know more about what has happened in the kingdom.

Now Prince Fan is in front of Romancia Palace. He hears the entire story when he
meets the king. Even without entering the castle he goes on a journey to search
princess Serina. From here on, you're free to be prince Fan.

However, there's no turning back.

Your adventure has just begun.

                      HINT STORY
The manual contains an 8 page comic referred to as the 'hint story'. In it some
hints are given which may help you finish the game. In this case you need to
read it from left to right just like a regular comic book (not from right to
left like most Japanese Manga). The frames are numbered in the order you need to
read them.



[prince Fan] I'm Fan Freddy.

[prince Fan] Come, go on an adventure with me in Romancia!!



[Prince Fan] First, let's see the king and do some investigations.

[King Fanessa III] Oh, prince Freddy. Good thing you visited Romancia kingdom.


[King Fanessa III] My daughter Serina was abducted by someone.

[King Fanessa III] It's suspicious my younger brother - the king ruling Azorba
Kingdom - didn't bring her back home. He is connected somehow.


[Prince Fan] Understood, Your Excellency! This prediction tells me I need to go
and search for princess Serina.


[Prince Fan] Well now, let's hear the stories from the town's people. What kind
of place is this neighbouring kingdom of Azorba, I wonder?



[Prince Fan] There are various people in town, but...

[Prince Fan] What's this? Everyone is very worried. I want to see what this is
all about. I wonder what's the matter.

[Archbishop] Young man, approach us and you will be infected with the disease.


[Man near well] The well's water has completely gone bad... What's the best
thing to do?


[Person talking from a window] How are your daughters' conditions? That is rather


[Prince Fan] I would like to hear about the situation in Azorba kingdom.

[Tavern keeper] This isn't a place for children! If you're not buying a drink,
go home!!

[Prince Fan] ...


[Blacksmith] That'll be 2 gold coins!

[Blacksmith] I will give you a discount if you have much damage.

[Prince Fan] Agreed, sir!


[Prince Fan] Next to the shop where you repair your shield, there is a hospital
as well! Let's use it if I have enough money.

[Doctor] Take care of yourself.

Page 8


[Prince Fan] If I find troubled people, I will help them with the wishes they
bring up!


[Prince Fan] Drink this.

[Prince Fan] I received it from the priest. It's a Potion of Longevity! You'll
get well instantly because of this.


[Prince Fan] Each time you do something good on your journey, your karma

[Sound effect ring] SHINE


[Prince Fan] By the way, there's an old man sitting on a cloud on this side of
Azorba kingdom! Don't talk too much with him in the beginning. But he's a good
person, isn't he?

[Sound effect hermit] STARE

[Prince Fan] I'm getting out of the way...

Page 9


[Prince Fan] Your karma goes up and people who didn't talk before will teach
you a secret...


[Prince Fan] You can get items you never dreamed of.


[Prince Fan] I wonder...

[Prince Fan] You might say, it's smart to accumulate karma at first.

[Sound effect] Hmm


[Prince Fan] Well, this brings us to Azorba kingdom at last!!

[Prince Fan] There's a mysterious evil force in that country, that torments the

Page 10


[Prince Fan] Azorba kingdom is full of monsters.

[Prince Fan] Chada and evil swordsmen oppose your path!

[Prince Fan] If you have no DP your HP decreases in a blink of an eye!!


[Prince Fan] Princess Serina surely should be held captive somewhere over here.

[Sound effect] Pant, pant


[Prince Fan] My, my! If you've defeated enemies, your karma will decrease! Why
would that be?

[Prince Fan] ?

[Prince Fan] Do something evil or something you mustn't do and your karma will
decrease as a result.


[Prince Fan] Okay!

[Prince Fan] Do you want to examine fighting by using items?

Page 11


[Prince Fan] If you use an item, the evil swordsmen's true character will

[Prince Fan] As a matter of fact, the true character of the monsters...

[Prince Fan] Your karma will increase until it's full.


[King Crift IV] Well done! You've reached this point!! Fearless prince Fan

[Prince Fan] !!


[King Crift IV] Holding as much karma as possible is tricky!

[King Crift IV] My magical powers relish good people!!

[Prince Fan] Finally I have found Azorba's king!!

[Prince Fan] Princess Serina is in the inner part of Azorba Castle!!

Page 12

[Prince Fan] I did it!! I rescued princess Serina!!

[Princess Serina] Thank you, sir Prince.

[Prince Fan] There are many riddles and barriers to cross to achieve this. If
you do, you will have half won.

[Prince Fan] Now it's your turn!!

[Banner] Do your best!!


Prince Fan Freddy

The hero of the story. He's the prince of Ilsran kingdom which lies to the east.
Currently he's been travelling to various places to expand his knowledge.

Princess Serina Levi Laura

The heroine of the story. She's born a princess of the kingdom of Romancia. She
has been abducted by someone and she's now missing.

King Fanessa III

The king who governs Romancia. He is princess Serina's father. His health is
deteriorating, since his daughter's abduction.

King Crift IV

He's the brother of king Fanessa and he rules over Azorba. All of a sudden, he's
become an evil king.


An evil dragon with a long, snakelike body who was sealed underground 300 years
ago. Manipulating king Crift, he plans his resurrection.

The other characters in the game aren't addressed by their names in the game or
the manual. Back in the day some guidebooks were released for this game and for
Sorcerian in which you can also find a 'Romancia' scenario. In these, some
additional names for some of the NPCs can be found. Below is a short list
of those names (source: Sorcerian Data Room):

Archbishop Quorl:  priest who has become infected with the disease.
Lord Dion:         his 3 daughters have fallen ill.
Father Lorad:      gives you Potions of Longevity.
Lily:              the fairy in Romancia.
Pipi:              the fairy in Azorba.
Sage Valna:        gives you a hint about a hidden item and resets your
                   remaining time to 10 minutes.
Enigmatic Tigello: gives you an indispensible weapon.