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1 Fire Breathers
It's the last of the dragon wars. You must kill the dragon riders in the
midnight skies and bring victory to the kingdom.

2 Star-Evil
The star gets brighter until there is no night. Then the fire creatures come
out to rule and defeat you but kill them all and bring back the light.

3 Illuminator
The Illuminator must find his sister in the dark. He must also find batteries
if his get weak and can use a special spotlight to kill the enemies. Can also
get additional flashlights, but he must be careful of enemies like shadows,
vampires and others.

4 G-Force Fighters
Watch your fuel level. Use it wisely and escape the force that holds you. The
enemies are strong but the G-force of the planet will take us as we get

5 Oooze
Avoid the green oooze.

6 Silver Sword
Mutants in the forest and the must be fought off.

7 Critical Bypass
You have got to land with your valuable cargo, but the intense gravitational
pull on this planet is treacherous. You must initiate landing procedures
defeat this gravity problem and save your cargo.

8 Jupiter Scope
At first we saw one or two fall and thought nothing of it, never thinking it
could result in a Meteor shower. Using the "Star-Zap" Laser we shoot them out
of the sky, before they collide with things, but the meteor shower gets more

9Alfredo and the Fettucinni's
The pasta has gotten out of control, and you've got to race the clock and get
the spaghetti, linguine and other pasta back into the pot where it belongs.

10 Operation Full-Moon
Mission: Assault Luna Base 1; Drive your dune buggy through enemy territory,
destroying all terrible occupants and establishments. Better look around real
good and leave no moon-stone unturned.

11 Dam Busters
They are destroying everything and the only way to save the wildlife is to
break the dam and let the water free.

12 Thrusters
You have right and left thrusters. Hit full speed and use laser canons to
avoid the alien invasions in the galaxy.

13 Haunted Hills of Wentworth
Ghosts and ghoulies are running loose in the cemetary. Get them all back to
where they belong and end the chaos in the Halls of Wentworth.

14 Chill-Out
Old man winter is at the top and is your goal, but it keeps snowing and he's
blowing. You must reach the top before you get snowed under.

15 Sharks
You are a Frogman and must collect rare marine creatures and recover lost
treasures at the bottom of the sea. You have your stun-gun and can always
retreat into your electromagnetic base that repels sharks and the rest of the
enemies. Your diving suit can only survive a few shark bites and is useless
against the deadly jelly fish.

16 Megalonia
She comes out of no where with her evil armies. You must defend against the
wave after wave of enemies and they will attack until only the Empress Machine
"Megalonia" remains.

17 The French Baker
You may try to keep the cookie patterns pounding, and the bread rising but
it's not as easy as it sounds.

18 Atmos-Quake
The legions of space pirates are causing solar flares and sending shock waves
to destroy your planet. You must fly in and arrest them all.

19 Meong
Board game of strategy and skill. Try to get places from starting line to
goal. Watch out for hidden traps. Harder than it sounds.

20 Space Dreams
There is a black hole and on the other side are all your space dreams. You
must get past all of the obstacles to enter the hole and realize your dreams.

21 Streemerz
Try climbing to the top of this one by throwing steamers and climbing them. On
your way up you better watch out for the various pie throwing clowns, burning
candles and bouncing balls, because if they get you you'll die a little each

22 Spread-Fire
You may have some great weapons, in fact the best. You will need them to fight
off the tremendous enemies that seem to multiply.

23 Bubblegum Rosie
Rosie is looking for her gum, but so are a lot of other gum-starved critters.
Help her get her gum back but be careful the critters don't get you first.

24 Micro-Mike
He's only the size of a flea, and it's difficult getting from her to their
when your smaller than the strand of hair. It seems like your in the land of
the giants.

25 Underground
Tunnel this way and that in order to find the gold. Be careful of the other
strange creatures you find here.

26 Rocket Jockey
Futuristic cowboy straddles a rocket attempting to lasso various robo-cattle.
The lasso gains power as it glows brighter, but gets dimmer and loses power as
the bad guys shoot and hit.

27 Non-Human
They're not human. They have a mind of their own. They are hungry and they
want you as their next meal. Get them before they get you.

28 Cry Baby
Try to get cry baby back to his crib, but be careful to aovid open electric
sockets, poisons, fire in the stove. There are things to help along the way
such as cookies, lollipops, candy bars and pacifiers. If the baby meets any
bad guys trying to kidnap him he squeezes his bottle and shoots them.

29 Slashers
They are everywhere. Mean guys with nails that are nine inch knives and they
like to slash everything that comes into their path. Don't get in their way or
your the next victim.

30 Crazy Shuffle
Educational puzzle game. Picture matching with many levels, game and options.
Tests memory and concentration skills.

31 Fuzz Power
Fuzzy must get to the land of Guru. He's got to avoid the walking brushes,
hair dryers, combs and other natural hair disasters, because if he losses all
of his hair he's bald and the game is over.

32 Shooting Gallery
Seven different levels to test shooting skills. Skeet shooting, gallery
shooting, target shooting, quick-draw and a final shoot-out with bad guys and

33 Lollipops
The chocolate monsters have taken Lolli. You are Johnny Jawbreaker and must
try to rescue her.

34 The Evil Empire
Arabian desert has bad Arabians and genie's. Hasha, the warlord has stolen the
great genie. With it he will rule the land, unless you can defeat his evil
empire and save the genie.

35 Sombrero's
A Chivato (thief) has stolen all of the sombrero's. You must use your pistola,
take the law into your own hands and gget them back.

36 Storm over the Desert (The Land War)
Using your tanks you must avoid the mine fields set by the evil army of Satan
Hosain. The evil Satan's army of soldiers will kill you or die trying.

37 Mash-Man
Your a funny looking dude with a little head and great big feet. You've got
to mash everything in sight before they somehow mash you.

38 They Came from Outer Space
Try killing all of the green-eyed monsters only to be attacked by their

39 Laser League
You're trapped in a warp with only your laser. You must try to stay alive
collecting new weapons on the way and avoiding the traps they've set for you,
until you can be rescued by the laser-league.

40 Billy-Bob
Marylou has disappeared. The bad guys have her, but Billy-bob is stuck in
jail and must find his way out from deep within this prison in the desert by
traversing all of the levels and rescuing Marylou.

41 City of Doom
While scaling the city skyscrapers to rid the city of the evil insect plague,
you better shoot well and accurately because the fall is a long way down.

42 Bits and Pieces
Try to make solid lines out of various sizes and shapes as they float down to
the bottom of the screen.

43 Beeps and Blips
Robots, microscopic and humungous. Here they come. Ready your weapons and

44 Manchester Beat
You must try to keep the rhythm but noisy little critters won't let you. Roll
the drums and they go away temporarily, but they'll be back.

45 Boss
The Toad is the Mafia boss who uses salamander hit men. They're all out to get
you, but you can beat them as long as your partnet, Spector keeps a good eye
out for those bad guys.

46 Dedant
Help the ant protect the ant hill from intruder and protect the queen. Push
pebbles to close the hole against intruders, but it's not easy.

47 Hambo's Adventures
Donkey Kong type of game. Try to get Hambo to the top, and watch out for the
rolling balls.

48 Time Warp Tickers
As the Ticker continues, you must stop the hour blasters and jump the time
warp to stop the Tickers.

49 Jigsaw
Challenging Jig Saw puzzles. Shows you picture then scrambles it and you must
put it back together. Finish one and they get more and more difficult.

50 Ninja Assault
The Master has given you the task to defeat the Zin-Zan evil ninja tribes.
Prove you are worthy, defeat the evil tribe while avoiding the Chinese stars
and other objects.

51 Robbie and the Robots
Robbie must lead his good robots against his evil brother Brainy. But Brainy
has his own robots and it's not going to be easy.

52 The "Action Gamemaster"
Boy gets dragged into the TV while playing video game, changes character into
one of three "CHEETAHMEN" and must fight off all of the bad guys from the
previous 51 games.