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Metal Slug 4

Metal Slug 4 was developed by South Korean publisher/developer Mega Enterprise. Opinions were mixed--some felt this was an enjoyable follow-up to Metal Slug 3, and some felt that the game was simply an extreme disappointment. Trevor and Nadia were two new characters in the game, accompanying Fio and Marco. In a way, Metal Slug 4 resembled the first game in the series rather than the last two. Gone were the over-the-top enemies such as the Mars people and killer crabs, and in their place were mainly foot soldiers and other militants. Also gone were the cool slugs that you used in Metal Slug 2 and 3. There weren't any camels to ride, nor were there any planes to hop into. The issue most detractors had with MS4 was that it had half as many levels and alternate pathways as Metal Slug 3, although, to be honest, it was just as lengthy as Metal Slug 1 and 2.